Thank You Hashem – Week 127

  • Thank you Hashem for everything you do, for all the NORMAL days your are giving us EVERY day!
    This week my wife went to a shoe store and saw a nice shoe which she thought I would like, she wanted to buy it but they didn’t let her buy it since that day was a sale designated for women only, in first place she was upset but a day later we found the same shoe for $40 cheaper.
    My wife lost her passport this week, a few hours later, a stranger called up saying that she found it on the street covered in snow.
    Thank you Hashem for everything!!
  • In middle of planning a family simcha. Calling many Halls and hearing that they are all booked. Thank you Hashem for all the beautiful Simachot you are sending us
  • Thank you Hashem for the business he just sent me!
  • I went for my cars first oil change and they said my car takes synthetic oil and the 19.99 special will not apply. They said synthetic starts at 82.99. They then told me I had to pay extra for 2 additional quarts and extra for a larger filter. Felt like I was in a clip store and said, no thank you please give me my car back I do not wish to do it.Get in my car and I call the dealer and they tell me that my car has synthetic oil in it and does not need an oil change for 1 year or 10,000 miles. I asked my friend with the same car and he confirmed and added that he thinks we have free oil changes. I then text the leasing co. to ask if this sounds right and he says yes , 10,000 miles and 2 years free oil changes. Thank you Hashem for putting the idea in my head to take my car back and leave. I would have gotten overcharged, would have done expensive synthetic oil changes every 3000 miles and would not have known about the free 2 years of oil changes. Thank you Hashem. Ps everything in the right time, I have been trying to get to the oil change place for 2 weeks now for some reason it fell together perfectly right now.
  • I drove about 200 miles yesterday, much of which often has lots of traffic. Boruch Hashem I made it both ways safely and with no traffic
  • Thank you Hashem for care, compassion, consideration, the vitamin C of human interaction.
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me see the beautiful chesed that my children do.
  • Had a payment to make of over $300 , called in to do it over the phone and they said I only owe $176. Thank you Hashem…after I sent in this Thank you you will not believe what happened, I went to my office to pay someone $180 and when I went to enter it in my computer it came up that it was already paid. Thank you Hashem for the added bonus.
  • Thank you Hashem for all of our Rabanim who are so giving of their lives for all klal yisrael.
  • Wow I was by an event and a very heavy object was about to fall right on top of me at a great speed , I froze in my place and did not know what to do , I was just frozen in my tracks. Out of no where the person next to me threw me to the side saving me from getting a terrible injury from the crash of this very heavy object that came crashing down. Thank you Hashem for saving me and for Thank you to this alert person for saving me and reacting the way they did.
  • Thank you Hashem for the gift of Shabbat, not only that but thank you Hashem for the gift of Menuchat Shabbat.
  • I went to a great Shiur that has changed my life for the better. I do not always attend this shiur and found myself driving and going to hear the Rabbi speak. Thank you Hashem for putting me in the right place at the right time.

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