Thank You Hashem – Week 129

  • My wife was sick in bed the whole week. Thank you Hashem for allowing me to realize and appreciate all that she does for me when she is up and around and Thank you Hashem for the best wife in the world!
  • Brit milah on Shabbat ,Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday- Chasdei Hashem. Weddings Monday and Tuesday! Pidyon Sunday. Thank you Hashem.
  • From Misvah Man.. Jerry collects sedaka outside Landaus Shul. He asked us last week ” hey buddy “some people told me to speak to you and maybe you can help”? Me-sure” how can I help you I asked”? I’m 6 feet 4″ I need a size XXXL jacket” I’m wearing size large, it is 14 yrs old and all ripped” can you help me”?       Me-” sure Jerry”I’m going to get you a Brand New Down XXXL Jacket “Jerry was estatic”  Me-what else do you need Jerry”??? Jerry-” what I also need you can never help me with” Me-“try me” Jerry-“its cold outside collecting sedaka” I’m wearing these old ripped sneakers” but I need warm boots” I am a  size 16 extra wide” Within 4 days we gave Jerry the boots and jacket he asked for” all Brand new  “Our Torah teaches us to treat others like yourself” even better” give the needy new,the Best possible clothing” And of course do it with a Smile and a Good word”. I’m just following orders. Mitzvah man.
  • I was circling for a parking spot at Shaare Zion and without thinking I turned into the service lane which was backed up from all the cars waiting to valet. I was a little frustrated for that mistake. By the time I got in front of the hall‎ a car pulled out of a parking spot mamash the closest spot to the hall I pulled right in and all the valet people commented with jealously on my luck. But I knew it was chasdei Hashem.
  • Parked my car on Kings Highway and saw the meter maid going around. I went to the machine to get the muni meter ticket but it was not working properly. I then started walking to the other machine but for some reason kept walking to the store I was going to and forgot about the machine. Got back to my car and did not get a ticket. Thank you so much Hashem , I saw the meter maid giving tickets and clearly have only Hashem to thank for this.
  • My father in his weak condition, to have a successful major surgery BH is the greatest simcha in the world for me. Thank you Hashem so much. I love you. Speedy refuah shelemah BH,Yitzchak ben Salha.
  • Thank you Hashem for cold weather, warm clothing and a heated home. Thank you Hashem for warm weather and an air conditioned home. Ein Od Milvado-
  • Thank you Hashem for our first delicious taste of Snow this season.
  • Thank you Hashem – we decided to move to a new area, and Baruch Hashem we found an apartment at a great price and location THE NEXT DAY!!!!
  • I was at my desk writing down a strategy for when I call a certain customer regarding payment. As I am finished writing my plan I see a call coming in from this customer , I quickly pray to Hashem and answered the call. I very simply spoke to him regarding payment and all went smoother than I expected. Thank you Hashem for setting this up so easily for me.
  • Had a close call, a worker called me telling me we had a piece of merchandise missing and needed it replaced right away. I called him back to tell him please check one more time and within seconds he said here it is. Thank you Hashem
  • I went to look at my watch to check the time and my watch was missing, was not on my wrist. I prayed to Hashem and retraced my steps and Bh I found it about 7 minutes later. Thank you Hashem

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