Thank You Hashem – Week 131

  • Thank you Hashem for a person like Aaron Laniado A’H- we will miss him
  • was on my way to speak at an event, I wasn’t really that well prepared. I opened email to confirm the address before leaving the house and saw that it was the next night- I now had time to prepare and BH I found out before leaving!
  • I had a lumpy item staring at me in my office for a very long time. For  fun I said I will put it on ebay and see what happens. Hurray someone paid 100 bucks for it. Thank you Hashem.
  • I bought some items in a store on Sunday and at the register they asked for my email address. I normally do not provide one but for some reason I did. Checked my spam email today and was about to delete all but saw one from this store and said I will have a peak,it was a receipt for my transaction. Was about to delete it but for some reason had a look at it first. I saw that they charged me for quantity of 2 of an item I only bought 1 of. I called them up,they are checking the cameras and crediting my card. Thank you Hashem for setting all of this up.
  • I had to take my car for car inspection, so I went to a place on McDonald Ave & they told me that it is at least a 40 minute to 1 hour wait.  I pulled out & prayed to Hashem to find me another inspection place that I wouldn’t have to wait so long.  I drove down McDonald and found another place one block away from the other place.  I pulled in & asked if he can inspect my car & he said sure.  I asked how long the wait is & he said to pull my car in & he will do it right away.  Thank you Hashem for helping me find a place so quick & a place that I didn’t have wait even one minute.
  • Thank you so much Hashem for an amazing and healthy mid winter vacation. It gave us a chance to recharge and to spend precious time with family. On vacation I had a minor car accident. B’h we were ok and there was no major monetary damage to either car. Thank you hashem so much for watching over us, protecting us and for keeping the damages to a minimum.
  • Monday Jan. 25 – That morning there was a technicality concerning a big order I wrote and I needed to email a certain document to the buyer to accept the shipment. My boss said he would get the document right away so the order would ship just in time for my January commissions. Thank you Hashem. So as I walked into work the next morning I ask my boss did he get the paperwork? He said ” not yet but if we don’t ship the order this week we can ship it next week. “. I said ” I need it to go out this week to make my January  commissions !! Now came the test. should I go back to my boss and explain again that I need this to ship or trust in Hashem, I did my hishtadlut and said to myself I need to trust, have Bitachon, so I left it as is. That afternoon the document came through and I was good to go. Thank You Hashem. I called my warehouse and asked if they could ship the order by Thursday. They said yes. So Thursday came and I asked the warehouse” did it ship? ” They said no but we have an appointment with the trucker in the morning to pick up. So Friday at 12 pm the order got picked up. Thank You Hashem. 12:05 my buyer calls me frantic” DO NOT ship the order the document is not valid!!” so at 12:08 I called my warehouse and they managed to get the trucker to come back and unload the order. It just shows that even till the last minute Hashem is in charge of everything. And even though the situation did not turn out how I wanted it , its all for the good. Thank You Hashem for running the world so perfect.
  • Received a call ” hi mitzvah man” I have 1 friend that just got divorced from a goy” he wants to turn the corner and start to head in the right direction “age 40 he Never put tefillin on” the other friend only puts tefillin on when I go visit him in Florida twice a year”also age 40. Can we get the tefilin” they can’t Afford it” bingo within 1 week, New tefillin koracha talet embroidered. 2 Jews putting on tefilin Every day.Our goal his to bring people closer to Hashem Shabbat shalom. Mitzvah man
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me the opportunity to do the mitzvah of Hashevat Aveida and to help have my kids participate in it as well and see the beauty of this mitzvah. The other day I went to pick up my son from school, I ended up getting delayed more than usual and didn’t get back home till about 20 minutes after my usual time. As we were approaching my house, I noticed a wallet sitting right in the middle of the sidewalk right in front of my house ! I looked around to see if anyone was around that may have dropped it. There was one woman getting into a car. I asked her if it was hers, she said no. I kept looking all around and didn’t see anyone. I picked it up and looked inside to see if there was any identification..perhaps it belonged to a neighbor, or someone I knew. There were 2 credit cards and some money in it. I didn’t recognize the name,and there was no further ID that could help me locate her. I took the wallet inside and left it near the door and told my daughters we are going to check on the computer and try to find this lady to give her back her wallet. My 8 year olds face lit up, and she said “We’re doing a big mitzvah called Hashevat Aveida Mommy! “. I smiled and said “Be”H, we will find her, and when we return it to her, the mitzvah will be complete”. I go to my computer and try typing in NY white pages- her name doesn’t come up. I try just googling her name and it shows that she lives out of town…It’s not such a common name…so I’m thinking maybe she’s not from here? I keep looking and looking no luck. Finally I decide to look up her last name in the other city that it said she’s from..I get a whole listing of the last name and one of them says he’s related to her…I call the # , a girl answers and I tell her “Hi, maybe you can help me ..I’m trying to locate this person b/c I found her wallet in front of my house in Brooklyn, NY, do you know her?” She says “YES, she’s my sister !”. I was like “WOW Thank you Hashem!” I tell her “Was your sister visting Brooklyn?” She says “She lives in Brooklyn, do you want her #?” I said “Yes, please thank you so much! ” She kept thanking me over and over and I said “NO, thank YOU ! I’m so happy I found the right person to help me find her!”. I proceeded to call the # and a young woman answers, I ask her “Are you…….?”…She hesitates a little.  and I say …”I found your wallet”..She says “WHAT?! Oh my Gosh?”. I said “Did you realize it was missing?” She said ” You know I didn’t? you must have just found it about 20 minutes ago- yes?” I said “YES!”. She said “It must have fallen out of the carriage when I was picking up my baby…I can’t believe it ! Thank you so much!”. She said “How did you even find me?”. I told her the whole story. She said “Wow, thanks so much for trying so hard to find me. I used to live out of town and got married and moved here. The last name was her Maiden name and her family still lives out of town. She thanks me again and says she will pass by soon to pick it up. My kids are standing and listening to everything and they said “Did you find her?????” I said ‘YES, BH ! We found her and she’s going to pass by in a little while to pick it up!”. My kids were glued to the window waiting for her to come. I was busy inside when they all started yelling “MOMMY !!! SHE’S HERE !!!! :LET’S GO GIVE IT BACK TO HER !!! and they all ran downstairs. I got the wallet and went outside with them to meet her and give her back her wallet. She’s a very sweet young married girl with a baby. She was so happy. She said “I can’t believe it, you must have found it literally right after I dropped it that it was still there !”.  I told her “Hashem made me find it, b/c I was actually delayed getting home..I never get home at that time. I would have usually been home already for 20 minutes and would never have seen it, but Hashem delayed me so I would find it for you right after you dropped it !” She said “AMAZING BH !”. My kids were so happy and I turned to them and said “Now we completed the mitzvah BH !”. Thank you Hashem for putting me in the right place at the right time to do this mitzvah and teach this wonderful mitzvah to my young children.

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