Thank You Hashem – Week 133

  • I parked in a tight spot last night. This morning I went to my car at 615 am to go give a class in shul and the car in front of me was having a hard time getting out of the spot and there was another man a neighbor of mine helping her get out. I was a little embarrassed to get into my car because I was the one who parked last making it difficult to get out. I start my engine and nothing, it wouldn’t  start. Now I’m also nervous because I don’t want to miss my class, I have no idea what to do. Sure enough both the driver and the neighbor stop what they were doing to help me! “happens to be” that the car in front of me had a car starter in his trunk but had no idea how to use it, but my neighbor knew exactly what to do and got my car started in no time. The funny thing is that I never see any of my neighbors out so early and it was hashgacha that he just so happen to be helping the car in front of me and that I parked in that exact spot. if I was somewhere else or if the car in front of me was somewhere else I would’ve missed my class also if it wasn’t such a tight spot he would’ve pulled out easily and I would’ve missed him and I would not have had a starter to start my car. thank you Hashem for getting me to teach my class on time and all of the hashgach that was behind it
  • Thank you Hashem ! Today I went to court – I had been given a ticket by a policeman in an unmarked car FOR NO APPARENT REASON – He was ‘out to get people’. The ticket was not even a traffic ticket it was for a criminal offense of driving recklessly. I wasn’t doing anything of the sort!  I did research and only heard serious things about this type of summons. Needless to say I was quite shaken for weeks. The day before the appearance, the lawyer I had spoken to for representation went for surgery and couldn’t join me. He said just plead Not Guilty and we’ll take it from there. Here I was in court, with the dregs of society around me who were there for drug possession, fighting, relieving themselves in public, etc. etc. I felt like I was in a Soviet Prison or Gestapo headquarters. I said Tehillim with great Kavana. The judge appeared to be in a good mood and was letting some people off with warnings and minor fines. My turn came, he looked at me and said ‘pay a $200 violation and your off the hook with no record, no points…or plead Not Guilty and you’ll have to go back to court for a trial” A different lawyer who was standing there for someone else leaned over to me and whispered ‘ pay the fine and get out of here, you’re very lucky’ THANK YOU HASHEM !
  • The coldest day of the year and the heat in our house messed up – The entire first floor was freezing with no radiators working ! I was bewildered that some radiators upstairs were working and some not. The boiler was on. I attributed the problem to faulty installation of the new radiators ! I couldn’t get the contractor on the phone and I was steaming mad and freezing cold ! I finally got a plumber that I had used years ago and he came over late that night – he diagnosed a problem with the gas valve but didn’t have the parts. The next day (which was Presidents Day) He did return but not until late at night again – after working for 2 hours the part was faulty and didn’t work. He said he’d go to a 24 hour part supply store and not leave us like that. Sure enough he got it all fixed and explained that it was not the contractors fault at all. The radiators were installed correctly – the problem was with the gas pressure which not even the Keyspan maintenance man (who inspected the boiler a few weeks before) was able to catch. THANK YOU HASHEM for keeping us warm again !
  • (hope all can see the connection in these 2 stories) Check this out. I was driving and saw a sign, haircuts $8. I went in and right in front of me was someone not dressed properly. I couldn’t help staring. Just as I was about to sit down for the haircut I saw a sign that said cash only. I had no cash so I asked where a branch of my bank was. It was 3 miles away. I said I’ll be back. I drove off all excited. Then a voice said this is your chance to leave. It was hard but I pulled myself away and drove home, with great relief. My friend just sent me tonights Rabbi Schorr class at Shaare Zion. It’s on how Hashem sends people who really want to do teshuvah, who find it hard to say no to their past, a neshama from a tzadik to help him do teshuvah, and if there isn’t a neshama for this purpose, Hashem sends the neshama of Moshe Rabenu to help do the teshuvah. Amazing!! Thank you Hashem for sending me this help in beating the yeser hara…..Hashem saved me again today. I was driving on a road at about 50 mph, which is the speed limit, in the right lane of a two lane road. I was changing the music on my phone, but had one eye on the road (sy’s are good at multitasking). Before looking at my phone again, I scoped the scene. There was a light up ahead that was green and there was very little traffic. I looked at my phone again and when I looked up, I was 20 feet from 2 cars that were stopped at a yellow light in front of me. Of course they shouldn’t have been there, but they were, and I was about to smash into them at 50 mph. I braked for 1/10 of a second but realized it was useless. My only option was to swerve into the left lane and side swipe the car there, if there was a car. You see, I couldn’t see anything because my window was covered with road salt. The image that came to mind was that I’d decrease the impact by side swiping the car in the left lane, then bounce back into the car in front of me, but at least it wouldn’t have been a direct hit. All of this took place in about a second, and in the end, all I could do was to pray, and turn the wheel. I missed hitting the car in front of me by what looked like inches, but was maybe 1.5 feet. I swerved into the left lane, expecting an impact, but there was none. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw that I had cut off a car that was slowing down for the light. I’d say I cut him off by 4-5 feet, and I sailed past the red light and intersection to safety, without a scratch. As I drove away, I thought, wow, I’m such a skilled driver, look what I just did. I was proud and thought, this is something you’d only see in a movie, and that I deserved praise. Then I started thinking of what could have happened. I pictured severe injuries, broken bones, back, neck, pelvis, ribs, and huge mangled gashes, and that I was barely recognizable. I was in shock. I instantly replayed the entire scene and realized that I had absolutely nothing to do with the outcome. It was all Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for sending us a great lesson to learn from in the story in the news of the man who was missing for 30 years and after 30 years he remembered who he was and returned to his parents. I guess this is a message for all of us, to remember who we are and to return/do teshuvah and return to our father and his wonderful ways of the Torah.Even if it has been many years that we were missing. Thank you Hashem for Teshuvah

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