Thank You Hashem – Week 134

  • BH, was praying arbit in the office, as we finished a rabbi from eretz yisrael was explaining to him his situation,But the boss was somewhat flustered and running into a meeting he quickly turned to me and said to speak to him, that he couldn’t and the rabbi didn’t have an appointment. Started talking to him, and the rabbi was choking up in tears he was barely able to hold back, his wife was also there. I was telling him with a whole heart I wish I can help but the boss Is the one who works with the Charity, his wife saw that and she thanked me for trying at least. He asked if he can stay till after they finish their meeting as he is traveling back tomorrow.Answered for sure no problem,meanwhile in the hustle bustle I left my gemerah in the room they were meeting in, so I couldn’t leave the office..After a while I started walking out, and the rabbi and his wife come out of the elevator,I asked him what happened did they finish?Nope… the Sectary said, they’ll probably be there a while, He said ok,I did hishtadlut and now Hashem hopefully will help, he was walking out Suddenly one of the bosses walks out, quickly ran after the rabbi, which BH he was able to talk to him and explain his situation (this boss has a tremendous heart and mostly sure he will or has helped) BH felt at least we were able to help, walking back to my car, I glanced at the rabbis letter, and stopped.. I couldn’t believe it.About a year ago or so, I saw the letter and the story hurt me, but at the point wasn’t in the state to help out much.. so I placed the letter in my koracha / tefilin bag At least can feel for him (remember – praying for him recently) Hashem has maneuvered that if a person feels or wishes he can help someone and possibly he can’t at the time Hashem has a master Plan to maneuver anyone to be of help and it can fall into your lap! You never know. I quickly jumped into my car and caught him down the block, told them that his letter was in my teflin bag for a year because of his story! Him and his wife were so moved and touched. People may go through hard and tough times Sometimes if you even show them that you may care and are thinking about them you never know what kind of impression you can make on someone.Thank You Hashem!!
  • I really want to thank Hashem for a crazy friend who started an email doing something very strange in our times….Thanking the creator for all for his constant intervention and detailed planning of our live’s. The world needs more people who have the guts to do the most important thing possible, Appreciate the Endless Good Hashem give us (with a app to remind us,no less!!).
  • Shavuah Tov! Feel the need to post this – even though it’s not directly related to me at all…. Thank you Hashem that when I opened my computer tonight the first news that jumps out on me is that of the wondrous recovery that Sarah bas Dina is making B”H! It’s reported tonight that Sarah has awoken and is breathing on her own! Thank you Hashem for this incredible news! May she continue to have a Refuah Shelaima B’karov. May all the sick in Klal Yisroel be healed speedily! May we experience a week together with trillions of things to say “Thank you Hashem” for!!
  • “I thought Hashem had done me a great chesed by saving me from the potential onslaught of a speeding SUV ignoring a stop sign without a scratch Thank You Hashem.But then when I felt the excruciating pain of the sciatic nerve I was amazed again at Hashem’s goodness at getting me to go to a very decent doctor who said I would walk out from his office (when at that point I could not) All the things we take for granted like getting dressed and putting on socks and tying our shoes– I just could not do. And when it reached dangerous proportions where I knew I could no longer maneuver out of the problem I knuckled under and went to a the doctor (something B”H I normally don’t do). Thankfully G-d gave me an exit strategy from my suffering.And twice in this week’s saga I tried to out think the condition and did some little (for me) exercise which backfired the process twice and re-lapsed the suffering.Along the way I found stretching exercises that I shared with fellow back pain sufferers, but in the second re-lapse they were failing me.I took a hot bath that I thought would help but pretty much also back-fired or did nothing.My hip was in severe stress and I saw little hope of a normal week.In desperation I turned to the theories of Dr Sarno (of whom we’ve all heard so much) and read his approach. I don’t know what saved me (of course Hashem’s infinite rachamin) but I began some dialogue with my brain that it was way overstepping its function of reigning us in from overindulgence and was now using my body as a guided missile to take my Mind off deep emotions it believed I could not face,I said “I will not let you cripple me like this again” (as if I had some control)I don’t know what worked since I awoke able to walk and without pain in my hip or knee I know in the middle of the night I dreamt of my departed father who brought me oranges and I got up with great pain and decided just to get my mother’s blanket and pillow that she knitted and gave me as gifts before she passed on.Maybe it was Dad, maybe it was Mom praying for me, but certainly it was Hashem’s great goodness to end my suffering come Monday morning so I could go to work like a regular human and not spend another day as a convalescent.Thank you, I love you Hashem!”
  • Thank you Hashem for the strength and ability to hold a cup for as long as I need it without dropping
  • Thank You Hashem for letting there be 2 adar’s because if today was the real Purim day then it wouldn’t be as enjoyable because of the rain. Thank You for always watching and taking care of Your people with love!
  • About a month ago I purchased a new wig and it came with a free cut. After it was cut I went home and sorry to say the cut wasn’t me. I tried to reset it still not me.I brought it back to the salon and they tried cutting more. I just never felt comfortable. A few days later my daughter was going to an auction as she was leaving I said win me a wig. I decided to donate my old wigs if I win. I don’t usually win at auctions. At just around twelve the phone rings. Mom you won the wig. I didn’t believe her, but in the morning there was the coupon for my new wig. My new wig it’s great! And the salon was able to sell the one that was cut wrong and give me a new one cut just right. Bh I donated my old wigs and with Hashem s help they will be put to good use. Thank you Hashem for making sure I really appreciated my new wigs.
  • I was in shul this week listening to a lecture of the tremendous השגחה פרטיות everyone can see many times throughout each day. He was saying that he knows a person ( I know the person)who has a great habit of writing down everyday 100 great things which Hashem did to him that day. ( he’s not necessarily writing down 100 new things everyday) he said that in beginning it took him some time but now it only takes him around 10 minutes. I figured that I would do the same thing but I would only start with 10 good things as I felt that 100 might take me some time to write down (not That I couldn’t find 100 great things)and eventually I would stop doing it. I started to write down 10 things and I realized that we all have so much blessings in life that it is just impossible to count them all, Hashem is so good to us, guiding us, guarding us 24/7. As a side note, when you start appreciating all the goods things you have, eventually you will realize what a great wife and family you have, it will just bring you more blessings to appreciate. Thank you Hashem for being so good to us, we indeed appreciate everything and we don’t take things for granted.
  • Thank you Hashem for my fingers and for making them bend in the perfect spots.

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