Thank You Hashem – Week 137

  • An important feature on my office telephone system stopped working. I went and I bought the component that needed to be replaced. As I was putting the new one in I saw the wire needed to be tinkered with, got an idea to pull out the new component and put the broken one back in and jingle the wire and see what happens. Sure enough it worked and I was able to return the new part and get a refund. Thank you Hashem.-Hashem was listening to my request which seemed so tiny and yet it was fulfilled pretty soon after I davened for it. I asked to see Debbie my school friend. We had the good fortune of this encounter today. I am so grateful to Hashem. Thank you. This was a very important meeting. I just know. thank you. thank you Hashem
  • I forgot to move my car for alternate side parking and I did not get a ticket. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for allowing me to be at the wedding of my daughter to the most wonderful chattan a person can ask for. Enjoying every moment of the Charlie horse following the wedding, was thinking to put some Bengay on but said I rather feel the Charlie horse as a reminder of the greatness of Hashem for allowing me the chesed of being able to dance all night by my daughters wedding. Thank you Hashem I love you and I know you love all of us.
  • Thank you Hashem once again that I am not even remotely tempted to go on any of these pesach trips that we keep getting bombarded with. Nothing like the Olam Haba feeling at our dining room table enjoying our seder with the ones I love most.
  • Thank you Hashem for the amazing weather this winter.
  • Thank you Hashem for my eyes in which to see the beautiful world and for my spiritual eyes in which to see you!
  • Baruch Hashem, my friend has become a father for the first time after 18 years of Marriage! Hodu La Hashem kitov ki liolam chasdo. Mabruk
  • I went to the airport to catch a flight and was running a bit late. Wisking thru the traffic, somehow I got there exactly one hour before the flight and was going to be able to board my flight. Or so I thought, I got to the check in and they tell me that I can not get on the flight, that the boarding is booked. I started to get angry but was trying to hold it in , I politely say that I am here on time how can it be that you will not let me on the flight. She says for some reason her computer is closed and does not allow any more activity for this flight. I caught myself from getting upset and said Hashem I accept it gam zu litovah, I ask if she can put me on another flight. She steps away and comes back with a big smile. She tells me that the flight I was shceduled for has an issue and will be delayed for a long time and that she was able to put me on a flight leaving in 20 minutes. She continues and says that had I been 2 or 3 minutes earlier I would have been checked in to the original flight and stuck with the delay but now I will be leaving 40 minutes earlier than my scheduled flight and as a perk she even sent my luggage on the ground to my new flight. Thank you Hashem for the traffic and for helping me to not get angry.
  • For some reason I ended up in Lakewood and found myself in the Bagel store. All of a sudden I get a tap on my shoulder and it is a friend that just happened to be in Lakewood visiting from abroad. I have not seen him for a very long time and some how Hashem pushed the buttons and put both of us here at this moment when neither one of us lives in Lakewood.
  • I prayed at a shul I do not regularly attend and picked up a divrei Torah to read. It is amazing how these words were exactly what I needed to read about at that given moment in my life. I folded the paper up and kept it with me so I can read it over and over again and work on myself. Thank you Hashem , I believe this was a message straight from you.
  • Visiting a friend in the hospital I was able to be reminded of all the wonderful chesed that is done by klal Yisrael. The visiting, the packages , the food you name it. It is very inspiring and made me proud to be a jew.
  • I went to the Dr. to check on something I was concerned about and Baruch Hashem it was something extremely minor that we treated within minutes and went away. Thank you Hashem for curing me.
  • Got to spend a very inspiring shabbos with some of the most special people. It was very uplifting and encouraged me to try and do more misvos with love and warmth.
  • Thank you Hashem for the Rabbis of our community who stop at nothing to help us in our time of need. Please shower them with much beracha.
  • was shopping and saw something that was more than I wanted to spend, one of the workers tells me by the way that item is on special and not as marked let me scan it. They scan it and it was perfectly priced for me. Thank you Hashem for this savings.

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