Thank You Hashem – Week 140

  • Thank you Hashem, I was so happy to see my friend Debbie from school today. It made me very happy.  Hashem really cares. Hashem knew how much I wanted to see her. Well done Hashem!
  • Thursday, I had very busy hectic day with many appointments .I had an important package to go out FedEx but no time to go to the post office.    I prayed to Hashem “please send me a FedEx truck” I Walked outside my store and a FedEx truck pulled up and gladly took my package.   In life when we go thru hectic times and then we get bailed out, we may think it’s us, or others or FedEx that helped, but it’s really Hashem that delivers.
  • Nothing is by accident. In the middle of Mincha I accidentally turned a few too many pages and glimpsed at some of the berachot in the upcoming Amidah. I thought to myself that I am not there yet, not in the amidah but will be on those pages shortly in the future and it helped me prepare my kavanah that when I get to those pages I want to be able to focus and concentrate on the powerful berachot of the amidah. Thank you Hashem for letting me prepare. It also made me think about Olam Haba , that I am not there yet and want to prepare here first..
  • Was assisting someone with a matter dealing with Renewal, an organization that helps with Kidney transplants and the woman on the phone at the Drs. Office in Lakewood after hearing me mention Renewal says oh Renewal they recently did a shiduch (a match). I figured she meant a shiduch of connecting a person who needs a kidney with a donor and I continued talking to her about how great that is. She interrupts and says, no they did a real marriage shiduch! I said what? She tells me how there were 2 donors at Renewal and they were put together and have gotten married. Wow..I was on the phone with Aj from Renewal and I mentioned this to him to confirm and he told me 100% true , that he went to the wedding. He made the story even greater by telling me how both of the donors are from Brooklyn and both happened to go to Minneapolis as a chesed to give chizuk to the patient who was preparing to receive a new Kidney. The 2 people met in Minneapolis and are now married. We clearly see Hashems hand here on many fronts, the reward for these peoples chesed, how they both are in NY but met very far away, how they both have the same midah of caring enough to go and fly out to Minneapolis to make a patient feel more comfortable- No doubt this is match made in Heaven by Hashem with the guidance of the fantastic organization Renewal.Thank you Hashem.
  • Brit milah yesterday, mabruk…
  • Was at the Geox store with my wife and the sales person comes and tells us that today they have a sale and we will get an additional 25 percent off of the sale price and if we buy 2nd pair we will get another 50 off of one of the shoes on top of the already reduced price. Got confused, laughed and said whatever you said sounds good. Got a great pair of Geox for $26! My wife’s were about $60. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me a chesed to do.
  • Saved myself a 3 hour trip in the car by asking a simple question, Thank you Hashem for putting the right thoughts in our minds.
  • Got a free upgrade on my flight, Thank you Hashem.
  • Found out I was going to have extra expenses this Pesach year being I was going to have to have extra meals in my home this year. I did not get bothered by the extra expense even though it is a little tight right now and said to myself, my friend always reminds me that Hashem pays for Shabbat and Holidays. Shortly after finding out about the extra expenses someone approaches me with a gift card for a very nice amount to one of the biggest kosher supermarkets in town. Keep in mind this person never has given me a gift card like this before , this was given on a year that I was having extra meals and Hashem has taken care of it on his Shabbat and Holiday account. Thank you so much to this friend and of course Thank you Hashem for always taking care of all of our needs. Chodesh Tov to all.
  • Engagement party last night –Mazal Tov
  • Wow , Thank you Hashem , I just called the rent a car company to tell them that I made a reservation but never got an email confirmation and when I go on the site to see the car rental it shows a way higher price. They looked me up and said I do not have a reservation. Uh oh , I say here are my dates please see if you can get me the same price I originally had that was 200 less then what it shows now. She types it in and says there is a special deal right now and it will be over 100 less than my original reservation! I say can I do it online she says no it is only available at this particular airport and only available by doing it on the phone. Thank you Hashem for saving me over 300 dollars and Thank you Hashem for putting the idea in my head to give them a call, something I normally would not do.
  • Was witness to enormous amounts of chesed and maasim tovim this week on many levels of Adam Lichaveiro. Made me realize how lucky I am to be a Jew. There is no one like our nation. Thank you Hashem for choosing me to be part it.

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