Thank You Hashem – Week 143

  • As I was doing my errands L’chvod Yom Tov – couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer number of people all around doing the same! Thank you Hashem for a community with so many healthy people! young/old/children/teenagers – so much joy preparing for the Chag! Thank you Hashem for so much blessing
  • I had to write a card to someone who is going through a hard time. I started typing up the text and everything just flowed! Was done in a few minutes. I kept reading the wording over and over again – couldn’t get over how beautiful and to the mark it was!  Thank you Hashem for the gift of writing! Thank you Hashem for putting all the right words together! Thank you Hashem that the message was well received and hit the mark! Thank you Hashem for everything!!!!
  • have a good short story to share it happened Monday I forgot to take my brief case with sefarim with me on the bus. I was so upset. I boarded the bus and remembered I had the tehilim app on my phone so I started to read the daily tehilim for Monday. When I finished I noticed I had a good 20 minutes left I said Hashem it would be great to be able to learn for the remainder of my train ride I wish I can do just that. Just then the old lady who was sitting across from me who was not Jewish handed me a bag with a Jewish magazine that also had a small pamphlet with laws of netilat yadayim and mayim acharonim. She said here give these to your children… I was so happy and said thank you Hashem and started learning the remainder of my ride.
  • This past Thursday night my 1 year old broke out with red dots on his body and he had a high fever as well. We called the doctor and he told us to go to the emergency room. The doctor at the emergency room wasn’t sure what it was so they sent us home. The next day the rash on his body got much worse we showed it to a pediatrician who thought it was the chicken pocks. As the day went on it started to look more like hives and the fever didn’t go away either by Friday night almost his entire body was covered in dark red blotches. My baby was extremely uncomfortable we went back to the emergency room again Friday night. This time the doctor detected the issue he had coxsickie which caused a hive like reaction all over his body! The doctor warned us that it’s only the second day and that  it’ll probably get worse for another week or so, with that we left. The next morning I wake up and I look at my baby and the hives were gone! I was shocked it was supposed to be getting worse. We brought him back to the doctor after Shabbat and he said he never saw anything like this before. THANK YOU HASHEM!
  • My sister had a very hard time sleeping, as she couldn’t breathe through her nose. She Boruch Hashem had a successful surgery to be able to breathe through her nose. We’re so lucky that Hashem gives us the ability to breathe without needing surgery.
  • I researched a topic in הלכה and within five minutes someone called with a question on that exact topic!
  • Thank you Hashem that when I came back to work after Yom Tov – there were so many Mazel Tov’s!!!!!! Thank you Hashem for a beautiful Yom Tov with my family!
  • I have so much love for Hashem right now, I can’t even express it in words.
    thank you! thank you for this website where I can tell the world how much I love Hashem.
    lets everyone love Hashem!
  • Read from Rav Zilbershtein: Lag B’Omer – 2015 There was a buss full of Passengers returning from Meron, and midway wanted to Enter the parking lot or garage, but the entrance to the parking lot had a Very long line of buses. The Driver said to the passengers: You have two options, Either enter the parking lot, but it will take about an hour, to enter the parking lot until we stop And go back to the bus, etc., the second option Continue driving without stopping to Bnei Brak, What do you prefer? All passengers responded unanimously they prefer to go straight to Bnei Brak Without stopping at all. As they drove the Passengers noticed that sundown was Approaching, and asked the driver to pull over so they could pray Minchah. The driver Agreed, but told them: as soon we Exit Route six, then I can stop on the side, and indeed he did, he entered Route Six, and found a place to stand on The side of the highway and stopped. The passengers got out of the Bus to pray. Suddenly when they started to pray,A soldier arrived and began to pray with them, after Prayer, they asked the soldier where did you come from? After all, the place is a highway, far From any settlement, and how he suddenly appeared here? The soldier replied: I am a Ba’al Teshuva, And on Rosh Hashanah I made a kabbalah to always pray with a minyan. And I indeed Baruch Hashem kept the kabala!.I was stationed in the south, my commander at noon today informed me that I can leave and don’t need to serve now. I found a driver who agreed to take me up here. I got out. Suddenly I see That it is sunset. And have not prayed Where am I going to find a minyan?I prayed to Hashem with all my heart Almighty please I want to pray with a minyan. And suddenly while I prayed to Hashem. Stops in front of me a Bus and people get out to pray. Hashem set up that this entire bus load of people will some how have to be put at this part of the highway in the middle of no where just for this one person who made a kaballah and cared so much about keeping it .Sometimes even today 2015 a person makes a kabala, Secretly inside concealed, no one knows and Hashem shows him his Haa’ra Panim!!
  • 2 engagements and a Bris this week, thank you Hashem
  • Baruch Hashem I found tzion nephesh’s site daily zohar. It’s deep teachings make me happy.thank you Hashem.
  • Dear Hashem, I could never list all the things you have done for me since birth. I thank you for every miracle today and every miracle tomorrow. I know very little about my true self but God bless my Queen and your country. Bless you Hashem and may our works and lives always be pleasing to you,our God. “You are God my God, Where you go I will go also” I “Fear not because the Lord thy God is with me wherever you may go”. I believe this with this with my whole mind, body and being. Many times I layed on the floor, sick, in pain and tears, and many times you picked me up and set me back in your service, I am eternally grateful. May I someday worthy enough for the Kingdom of Hashem. “Michamolcha” (who is like you?) May you bless our true prophets, rabbis, and priests, our leaders, our spouses, our children and our overseers. “Though art with me”Shalom Avinu Malkenu (Peace to Our Father Our King)
  • I was looking thru old read emails to find a certain email I needed. What I found was even better, an old email with an rma of merchandise I have returned and have not been refunded for yet. I was able to reply and take care of a $375 refund that I forgot about. Thank you Hashem.

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