Thank You Hashem – Week 146

  • Thank you Hashem for allowing me to be Sandak at my grandsons Brit.  As he was a preemie, the Brit was postponed – we were uncertain as to when it would be.  It looked like we were at least another 2 weeks away. And so with a business trip that I had prepaid including an expensive conference for which I would be penalized heavily If I missed – I traveled.  Lo and behold I got a call the first day of the conference – the Doctor determined the baby was now fine ahead of “schedule” and the Rabbi said “Must be done tomorrow without further delay” Ignoring the conference sessions I spent hours on the phone rescheduling things and avoiding most penalties and got a red-eye flight home but with a connecting flight adding a few hours to the trip .  Still I would be home in time, and the bris would be in the afternoon.  As we were boarding the connecting flight they announced that the plane was unsafe and a new plane would have to be found !  (How do you just find an airplane ?) A few hours after that the airline rescheduled a different flight and we finally boarded a new plane.  I got home early afternoon with a couple hours to spare and in time to make the Brit !
  • 2 Brit Milas this week- mabruk to all.
  • With Gratitude to Hashem that we were able to help and bring someone close to our father in Heaven. Hashem can place him in a situation or certain place, and he never knows what can happen I actually remember contacting the website on how to proceed in Kiruv which I personally don’t have too much Experience and I believe they responded to do things slowly and easy.We think that kiruv has to be standing at a street corner and waiting for someone, yes that can help when needed. But sometimes the person can be an everyday person you may meet in your work place or in our warehouse packing a box for you. You never know when you can change a person.Our Accounting manager had a list of mishloach manot whom she gave out to people in the office.And one of them we noticed was someone in the warehouse. Mental note.One of the Chabad Rabbi’s – in the local town had come once a week and put on tefilin  for this person once a week Noticing he was a 60 year old Russian jew! We started talking with him and lo and behold he agreed to put on tefilin every day! BH We set up a team of few people this way between one of us to help him, talk to him etc.It was an amazing sight! He felt so happy to do this mitzvah! Every day we got a little close to him, his personal life. His children, his car BH we formed a bond.We started talking about Shabbos and how he wished he could keep the Shabbos but do to the circumstances he wasn’t holding at that point yet.His wife worked and he had to pick her up Friday night etc.Great idea! BH how about bringing in the light and beauty of Shabbos! BH we found a very nice Museum art candle sticks!We gave it to him as a gift! He loved it and agreed to light them every week himself!We bought him a Russian siddur he used at home to pray.Time passed and he has getting much better in putting on tefilin, we contacted the sofer, BH we were able to buy a used good condition Gasos tefillin! We chipped in and presented it to him! He was very happy! Peasch came around he got matzahs from the Chabad Rabbi..As we got a little more friendly he mentioned his youth in Russia. He was a firstborn!We had the courage to ask him if he had a bris, and if yes, was it done correctly?He mentioned that his father hid in a building in communist Russia and had done a secret bris. There was a rabbi there.But he wants to make sure that it was done good, he wants to have another bris!! He is ready.We asked a Sheila what should we do? The rav was talking and mentioned prob the bris was done correctly If his father had moser nefesh in Russia for a bris that he prob knew what he was doing and getting a correct mohel to perform the bris! When we told him he still insisted he wants the bris!! We had to convince he didn’t have to But wait he is a first born and he has no clue or recognition about a Pidyon Haben!We called up Rabbi Forscheimer in Lakewood nj and told him over the details. 10 mins of looking up and thinking.“do a pidyon haben Mesofek – with no beracha!!” Ok wow, we picked up coins that day in the town we worked in NJ.Great! The warehouse manager was a Kohen – we invited everyone upstairs to our main showroom We bought cookies cake, the works, and actually preformed a Pidyoin Haben in our office with a 60 year old man!!We took pictures – (at the end we found out no memory card J). It was an amazing day!Bh I still have the coins ( I asked the coin afterwards if I can have them)Time had passed and day in and day out BH he had put on tefilin! Baruch Hashem Sadly a few months later he had a stroke and was paralyzed his whole side down.He was in the hospital for a while and we called him while he was home.Hopefully he has a full recovery!Baruch Hashem that we was zoche to see that! The mitzvos, the love for a mitzvah, the will was amazing ! anything we brought up to him not only was he willing he had an enthusiasm Willing even to redo a bris at 60!! A yid, yid a neshama is thirsty!
  • Thank you Hashem that my cousin is still with us! He was swimming last Friday at a beach in Israel and got sucked in a powerful current, a friend swam out to him and also got stuck. He thought his end was close but then a elderly surfer with a grey beard surfed up to him and said he will get help, and he called over two surfers and each one pulled out one bahur and brought them to the shore and the elderly surfer had disappeared. Amazing!
  • My wife went to return something and when they asked for her license the lady told her I’m sorry I can’t take this it expired 3 months ago (my wife didn’t even realize it was expired). Ok so I told her don’t worry go to the DMV tomorrow I rather you not drive with a expired licence. Later that day we went to pick something up from down the block and all of the sudden out if nowhere the car starts making loud stuttering noises and starts shaking like crazy and something smelt like smoke . The car was un-driveable.. out if the blue. Ok so we parked the car on the street and Bh I was able to get it towed and fixed all under the warranty. There is no question in my mind that these 2 unexpected situations happened the same day forcing my wife not to be able to drive. That Hashem 1000% saved her from chas vishalom some sort of danger! one may say to himself and get frustrated why in the world is this happening to me but in reality it is Hashem saving you from chas vishalom who knows what. Thank you Hashem for ALWAYS protecting us even if we don’t see it!! And thank you Hashem for protecting my wife and kids!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for showing something to me in the Torah that i showed a friend via emailing this friend. I am sorry Hashem for the terrible times i didn’t respect your Torah. Your Torah is truly amazing. Yemincha Hashem Nedari Bakoach. Your right hand, O Lord, is most powerful; Your right hand, O Lord, crushes the foe. pasuk vav verse 6 ו יְמִינְךָ יְהֹוָה נֶאְדָּרִי בַּכֹּחַ יְמִינְךָ יְהֹוָה תִּרְעַץ אוֹיֵב
  • Thank you Hashem  for my arms, this morning, while sitting in my car, I noticed to my right birds picking up some grass and twigs for a nest they are making, I couldn’t help but wonder how much easier would things be if they had hands and not only a mouth to do their work. So thank you Bureh Olam for making our lives easier.
  • Thank you Hashem that it has been a regular week.Work. life, home, joy, beauty – just a normal and regular day in and day out.Thank you Hashem!Thank you Hashem for sparing me and my family from millions of things that I will never know about.

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