A universal crisis, millions of people stranded, billions of dollars lost, & one volcanic eruption in Iceland causes chaos across the European continent. Amidst the tumult, one Jew merits a smile of loveliness from the Creator of the World, as if whispering, “my son, the whole world was not created except for you.”The story begins with a young Yeshiva student, an 18 year old Yerushalmi, who came down with a fulminate hepatic failure and was mortally ill. With little hope of receiving a liver transplant in Israel, Rav Firer, the CEO of Ezer M’tziyon, sought to send the boy to Brussels, the world center of liver transplants. The only problem, however, was that Brussels does not perform transplants on non-EU patients in order to save the scanty supply of livers for Europeans. Despite his poor chances, it was decided that the Yeshiva student would go to Brussels.

The young Yeshiva student had no choice but to add his name to the long waiting list for a liver transplant. In the meantime, he tried to maintain his learning despite the illness, consciously aware that it would take weeks, months, or even years until he could be given a new liver. Many patients were on the waiting list, and his name was somewhere on the bottom… And when his potential liver would finally arrive, it would have to completely match his blood type and other medical criteria. If it’s not a perfect match, he would need to continue waiting … for a miracle.  

     Many thoughts began to enter this boy’s mind, nevertheless, Hashem had a different plan for him – avalanches of hot ash, rock and gas on Europe caused Europe to completely shut down its skies and declare a no-fly zone. No one could leave and no one could enter; a self-imposed siege in the Euro-zone skies. It is during this time that a young religious Yerushalmi man in the capital of Belgium was sitting in the yeshiva learning Torah.

    During the course of the airspace shut down, a patient in the Brussels hospital died, and had agreed to donate his liver to anyone who might need it. Astonishingly, the liver was a perfect match for our young Yeshiva student. Health authorities in Belgium began searching the liver transplant waiting list but ‘unfortunately,’ not even one patient was able to fly into Belgium for the liver transplant due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland.

      As they advanced further on the waiting list, they reached the name of the young Yeshiva student, who was not a citizen. As the clock closed in on the lifespan of the liver, no one else was able to arrive in Belgium for the transplant, except for this young Yerushalmi. With clear Divine Intervention, this budding talmid chacham received the liver and is now recovering from surgery.

The enormity of this miracle was even greater after the successful liver transplant. The doctors said that the young yeshiva student’s liver had deteriorated and it would only have been a matter of days before it would have stopped functioning completely. 
 “Rabos Machashavos b’lev ish, va’atzas Hashem he sakum – A person has many thoughts in his heart, but the counsel of Hashem will enure” (Mishlei 19:21).

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