Thank You Hashem – Week 148

  • My 7 year old son lost a new pair of sneakers that he really loved. We searched every where high and low. We even checked by grandmas house. They were missing for about 10 days or 2 weeks and we looked all over for them. Last night we sat together and made the special tefilla with Rabbi Meir Baal Hanees. We first sat together and I explained to him what the words mean and made sure he understood what we were saying. He said it beautifully from his heart and held his sedaka in his right hand and gave it over to me. I held it and told him the next morning in shul I will give his sedaka. I prayed to Hashem to please let us find it, that it will now be a kidush Hashem especially in the eyes of my 7 year old son. He will see that we tried to find it and could not. And now only after his tefilla and sedaka that Hashem clearly returned it to us.I went to shul in the morning and as promised I gave his sedaka. I returned home from shul and my wife says, guess what? I already knew what was coming , she tells me our daughter found the sneakers! I asked when? And it was precisely the time that I gave the sedaka. I asked where they were and of course they were in a spot that we checked more than once. Hashem opened our eyes and let us find them. Most importantly was the kidush Hashem and that we and my 7 year old son clearly see how the missing sneakers were found. I want to add that I also heard a few times that when a person does something lemala min hateva, (over and above what he normally can do) that Hashem also acts with him lemala min hateva, My son gave more than the amount of sedaka he was required to on his own, and did it happily and Hashem returned his sneakers. Thank you Hashem.
  • thank you Hashem for teaching me that you don’t always get what you want but what Hashem needs you to get.
  • I had to look thru some old papers at the office. As I was thumbing thru them I found some notes I had made for myself regarding a strategy trying to get an order completed with a customer. Looking at it now after I have already completed the sale with the customer I must stop and Thank Hashem for taking care of this order and sending it to me. It was very inspiring sort of looking back in time and seeing how Hashem made it all play out. Thank You Hashem.
  • There were 3 Torah Dedications on Sunday- Thank you Hashem for letting us parade thru the streets of Brooklyn honoring our holy Torah.
  • My wife’s watch broke, luckily that it is still under warranty therefore she was able to send it in to repair. After they received the watch, they advised her that they cannot fix the watch so they’re giving her a new watch worth up to $180. Thank you Hashem for the new free watch.
  • Hashem thank you so much!I am honoring you with a beautiful meal and simcha tonight!thank you so much for YOM YERUSHALAYIM tonight!We love you!!Thank you for giving me Rabbi Arush and the zohar hakadosh.Thank you for teaching me when I didn’t have any teacher to explain to me what to do in the most difficult times. Thank you for listening to my prayers and guiding me this week.
  • I have a Bris to attend 3 days in a row! And 1 on Shavuot- Baruch Hashem
  • Hodu LaH-shem Ki Leolam Hasdo, we (my wife and I) have to express many many thanks to the Almighty.  B”H within the last week we had the Bar Mitzvah of my second son and the wedding of our 1st daughter,  B”H a lot of the people of the shul took time out of their busy schedule to join us in both our celebrations,  Yishtabach Shemo Laad. Yirbu Semachot VeIsrael.
  • Thank you Hashem for wonderful community members who take time out of their day to encourage others and give us Chizuk by posting THANK YOU HASHEM notes.  Like a child who brings a MITZVAH NOTE to the teacher and feels great when the teacher reads it aloud.  After all, we get caught up in our daily nonsense and don’t always remember to acknowledge things large and small that Hashem does for us, watches over us – making our lives better, protect us form harm, and keep us on the correct path.
  • I was so happy to hear that my friend won a poetry competition that is at a really high level. I am so grateful that if I have any questions for my music writing she will be more than happy to assist. It is such a nice feeling to win! She is really happy and I am happy to share in her happiness!! Baruch Hashem!!
  • Thank you Hashem for the opportunity to do a kidush Hashem. I was in the pizza store and I got up and ordered another slice of pizza. They called me when it was ready and I picked it up from the counter. After finishing eating I got in my car and drove off. A few minutes later I realized that I don’t remember paying for the additional slice of pizza. I called the pizza store and the mexican guy at the counter answered. I described who I was and asked if paid for the pizza, he answered that I did not. I told him I am so sorry I didn’t realize and I would like to pay for it. He was silent on the phone and said wow, that is so nice of you, I can’t believe you took the time to find our number and go thru the trouble just for a few dollars. I told him I would like to give him my credit card over the phone , to that he said there is a 10 dollar minimum. (you would think he would be happy to get the money, but no he has to say he can’t take the credit card-only a goy)..Fine so I tell him I have to get back to work and I will come and bring him cash later. He says again Thank you so much that is so nice of you. (nice? I ate the pizza and owe the money, a goy can’t even understand that we are obligated to pay for this)..I go back to work and now time to go home. I pulled up to my house and realized I forgot to go back and pay him. I say to myself I will do it tomorrow, it is late and I am tired. Then I say, no , I will do it now before the Yeser Hara convinces me not to even do it tomorrow. I tell myself I have a priceless  chance to do a kidush Hashem and do not delay it,go now. I get back in the car and drive to the store and hand the mexican guy the money. He stares at me and for a few seconds doesn’t say a word. I tell him here take the money. He smiles and said, sorry I was just thinking we are closing soon and was telling myself I don’t blame that guy for not coming back to pay, I wouldn’t pay for it either, and now you are here, I feel foolish. He said thank you so much for coming back, it is only a few dollars. I answer that we have a great torah and our torah teaches us to pay for our purchases and to be honest. He smiles and says all of you guys are so nice. Thank you Hashem.

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