Thank You Hashem – Week 152

  • Thank you Hashem for letting me witness personally true gadlut and Yirat Shamayim. I was at a Vaad given by Rosh Yeshivah Rabbi Schustal of BMG in his office. A small setting with about 9 or 10 guys sitting around his desk as the Rav gives over precious gems to us. The shiur was great but what I learned from the Gadols actions had a greater effect on me then the shiur. As he was giving the class over to us, we all sit very quietly listening to every word. The Rabbi was concentrating deeply on the musar he was saying over to us from Shir Hashirim and in the middle of his deep concentration all of a sudden we hear a rumble of thunder. Without any over enthusiastic reaction, the Rosh Yeshiva simply turned his head to the window behind him (most probably to make sure it was really thunder and not a truck or something else) and then he calmly said the beracha on Thunder. It was very natural to the Rav, to see how he lives with an awareness of Hashem at all times even while in the middle of an intense vaad was incredible. He did this so simply and natural, showing how he lives with a what does Hashem want from me right now attitude. To see how effortless it was for him was a lesson on its own for all of us to work on being able to have the feeling that Hashem is with us at all times and we should be ready and looking for opportunities to do our avodat Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem that so many of the technical details of the camp project that I am involved in worked out so nicely.
  • Thank you Hashem for EVERYTHING! 🙂
  • Thank you Hashem for providing me with a gift at work. I was able to show my boss something in the right perspective.
  • Thank You HaShem for letting me find a job for the summer!
  • Thank you Hashem for the watching over us and protecting us. Thank you for all the wonderful things you give us and for helping us cover our bills at the end of each month.
  • Thank you Hashem for Daat Torah. I was placing an amazon order for a customer and on the purchase screen it said press here for free delivery on Saturday. The next option was free shipping Wednesday. I didn’t need it Saturday , Monday would be fine but Wednesday not so good. I was concerned that I was demanding work to be done for me on shabbat. I called a hotline for halachic questions (beit horaah) and asked my question to the Rabbi that answered the phone. He simply said order it tomorrow and then choose the free 2 day that will now be Sunday instead of Saturday. This way I stay out of the possible problem. Perfect solution. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank You Hashem For being in the Hospital for 2 days for my 2 year old Son. He had an Infection and it spread. He needed IV antibiotics BH all is ok, it’s really amazing how Hashem constantly Watches over us, takes care of us, the simples things of a small infection Sent us to the Hospital for 2 days! It’s amazing BH  All is in your Hands Hashem. “We are in good hands with Hashem” (not Allstate) 🙂 Thank you Hashem
  • I lost my rain coat last week and wasn’t in the mood to have to buy another one. The forecast had rain in it and I wasn’t sure what to do. Minutes before Shabbat I found it in my bedroom closet. (cleaning lady decided that it belongs there)… I therefore have to thank Hashem for making me find it but also that He provided me with a raincoat in the first place.
  • thank you Hashem for giving me such a wonderful group of 6th grade boys to teach this year at yeshivat Shaare torah… Its amazing to see all that they progressed.
  • Entered Costco in jersey and forgot that to get a wagon you need to deposit a quarter to disconnect the chain… Didn’t think I had one and it would have been a huge inconvenience figuring out what to do… Guess what.. I had one… Baruch Hashem!
  • Was reminded of this situation that happened to me and I want to thank Hashem for it. I was pulling up to a red light and was not paying attention. I looked away and did not notice that there was a pick up truck in front of me already at the red light. My car drove right into the back of the truck. I got out to see the damage. It seems like there was a nice amount of damage on his car and Bh somehow almost none on mine. He was a scary type of goy and his car was all shiny and well polished. I thought I was in for a problem.I prayed to Hashem and then calmly told him not to worry that I will take care of everything. It looked like an expensive damage and I was unsure if I should go thru insurance or make him an offer. For some reason Hashem put in my head to say out loud, Maybe we should call the police. At that moment he said he is in a big rush and asked for my number. He said he will call me in a little while to take care of the damage. I told him no problem and that I am sorry and will handle all the repairs. This was over a year ago and he has NEVER CALLED! Thank you Hashem.
  • I thank Hashem for my health, and my life, and the health of my children and wife. Boruch Hashem we were blessed with a healthy baby boy a few weeks ago. We were lucky enough to have a Minyan in the hospital (Monmouth Hospital in Deal) and there were approximately 2 dozen men there whose wives gave birth.While in the hospital I met 2 frum men who were also blessed with babies, but theirs had complications. May Hashem help them both grow up to have long, healthy lives.                     Rabbi Miller Z”L would often say: If you thank Hashem for your health, he’ll be more likely to continue granting it to you.

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