Thank You Hashem – Week 153

WOW. Thank you Hashem.

  • Thank you Hashem for keeping me safe while I was traveling.
  • Thank you Hashem that I have family that are away in camps and are doing well and enjoying.
  • Thank you Hashem for a delicious swim today. Clean and warm pool – clear blue sky – relaxing and enjoyable!
  • Wedding tonight Bris Friday , Pidyon Sunday – Thank you Hashem
  • July 4th weekend I found out that I needed to find a new residence. Shocked and terrified I took the right actions in reaching out to all my networks. A friend of mine suggested that I look in an area that was close to my favorite Chabad in Prospect Heights. I said no way that I will be able to afford that area, I searched 2 years ago and there was nothing in my range, especially not a studio! I had in mind what I wanted a renovated studio in a price no fee had to be safe I looked at a few listings and they were dumps… A friend of a friend reached out to find out about weekend plans in our group. He was a realtor. He happened to have a listing that was coming up for August 2 blocks away from the Chabad. A renovated studio, in my budget ! IT WAS A NO FEE to boot. Before the apartment was even on the market, our friend agreed to take me to see the place on JULY 4th. I signed the lease last week and I move in,in a month ❤ Even my Rebitzen said “How did you find this place?” , I said it came from G-d!
  • Thank you Hashem for making my simcha so beautiful. The simcha that was in the hall the night before was magnificent and Hashem sent me a gift. Hashem made it that we were able to utilize the beautifully decorated room for our simcha without having the enormous expense.                                        Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for our life saving HATZALAH Volunteers who never let us down and give us their all. Hashem should bless and protect them all.
  • Wow this is amazing, I was planning for 2 weeks to call a certain customer for an order that was a no brainer. He was definitely giving it to me it was just a matter of when I had the time to call him and put it in with him. I called him a few minutes ago and surprisingly he said they are not ready for the order that they need some more time. I hung up and I did not get upset 1 tiny bit. I had trust in Hashem and carried on like normal. 3 minutes later my phone rings, it is a customer who sometimes can be a little difficult. I answer the phone and he actually out of the clear blue sky gives me a surprise order that I had no idea was coming. This is a bigger order than the one I was attempting to get moments earlier. I see clearly that this is not coincidence. Thank you Hashem for running everything so perfectly for us all of the time.
  • ….add to the last post please…After living this situation and trusting in Hashem, the very next day (today) I was in a similar position. A customer was supposed to get an approval on an order for me from his superiors. It was a formality to get them to sign it. He calls me and tells me there is a small problem, they are giving him a hard time with the order for some reason and he doesn’t know what to do. He had me make a couple of changes that he said would help and told me he will bring it to them again. At first I was failing the test and started to get nervous and upset. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I stopped myself and reminded myself of what Hashem did for me just one day earlier. I smiled and said out loud, Hashem it is all in your hands I trust in you and please take care of it for me. Hashem showed me just one day earlier who is in charge. I was so relaxed. I smiled and was worry free. A couple of hours later I call the customer to make small talk and see if he says anything. After a few minutes he says oh by the way the signatures are on the order and approved. I calmly say as if it was an afterthought, Thank you so much I appreciate it. Smiled to Hashem and said Thank you Hashem.

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