Thank You Hashem – Week 156

  • Thank you for putting this weekly Thank you Hashem email out for 3 years. It is remarkable. Baruch Hashem!

  • Thank you Hashem for your great gift, my 82nd birthday!
  • Thank you Hashem for my wonderful Sitoh (grandmother) who has just passed away. She lived 109 beautiful years. Hearing the Rabbis speak at her levaya about the midot she had, meriting her such a long  healthy life showed us all what a kidush Hashem her life was. We will miss her very much-Thank you Hashem
  • I had to travel out of state to someone’s office. I recall there was a Yeser Hara in that office that was a test for me. As I arrived I prayed to Hashem that I should be able to pass the test. Hashem did even better, he removed the test for me from the office. It was totally gone and out of the office. Bishvil li bara haolam- Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for the Peace and Quiet that is Brooklyn during the summer – parking is available wherever we go, the Shul is calm and the A/C is on high – no waiting at the local restaurants, and the boardwalk is alive and well !
  • So much to be grateful for – don’t know where to begin!
  • Thank you Hashem for showing me how amazing you are and how you are always a step ahead B’H! Today I had to pick up and order for a client but did not have money on me. I was trying to figure out how I would go pick money up without going out of the way and taking too much time. Before I left the office another client called to tell me she was coming by to drop off her payment from a previous order! B’H Hashem saved me a lot of time and planned everything to perfection! Thank you Hashem for everything!!
  • My daughter and her 2 friends were swimming in the ocean. The waves were very big and rough. They were jumping over the waves as they were approaching. A very big wave came and my daughter maneuvered over it and found herself suddenly in a very deep part of the ocean. She could not reach the floor. She saw the other 2 friends in trouble as well. They were drifting further away from each other and they were trying to swim back but the rip tide was taking them out. My daughter felt her arms getting tired from treading and trying to get back in. Out of no where someone,a malach appeared in the water and threw the 2 friends a boogie board. He put them on it sideways and then he swam all the way over to my daughter. He knew what he was doing because he was a retired lifeguard. He got to my daughter and put her in some type of headlock hold and swam with her over to the boogie board. He lined them up and instructed them how to kick their way back to shore using the boogie board. It was not easy and he coached them all the way in and saved the 3 precious lives. Thank you Hashem for sending this retired lifeguard to save them. It was as if Hashem sent a Malach into the ocean for them. Thank you also to this person for seeing the situation and reacting to it.
  • Thank you Hashem for constantly watching over us and protecting us each day.  Thank you for the amazing zechut of visiting Israel this summer. It’s miraculous to get on an airplane in one country and a couple of hours later you get off in a completely different one. Years ago it would take days and weeks to travel by boat!
  • Thank You HaShem infinity times I can never thank You enough!
  • I just had a great talk with a guy who is off the derech. Hashem put the right words in my mouth at the right moment. Hashem had me hold it in for so long and then a few weeks later we got into one of our talks and Hashem put the idea in my head NOW-start to open up a talk with him about Hashem and Torah. The moment my mouth opened the words that are not my style started flowing out.Baruch Hashem we made some progress. I was able to see how even a person off the derech has a connection and a love of Hashem.
  • My friend was looking for a tenant for quite some time now. He found a tenant for a decent price. Thank you Hashem.
  • Had trouble with an employee at work. I put in my mind that ein od milvado. Everything is controlled by Hashem and bh it got solved quickly and easily. Thank you Hashem for that and for all days when there’s no trouble.
  • I was changing lanes and did not see there was a car in the lane I was going into. He was in my blind spot. Baruch Hashem he slammed his breaks and honked and I was able to swerve back into my lane. Thank you Hashem for protecting us and me we all be alert of our blind spots while driving.
  • IT’s a girl..Mabrook.
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me the most perfect shiduch over 20 years ago-everything a person can ask for in a wife.
  • I was about to commit to an order of insurance for work. I emailed the agent to go ahead and got replied that he is out on vacation and can not do it at the moment. Hashem put in my head to call Joey Sasson. I called him and told him I know it is small and he said no problem send me the info and I will take care of it. Less that 2 or 3 hours later I had the insurance done and even better Joey was about 20% cheaper. Thank you Hashem.

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