Thank You Hashem – Week 157

  • Dear Hashem,

Thank you for letting me part of the legacy of my mother Rose Kassin A’h.



Sam Kassin

-Thank you Hashem for amazing costumers like RK .Some times I think why am I on earth, and say am I wasting my time working in this store?. Then I think of my many amazing costumers like you that have become more than customers, we have become great friends. And I know why I am here.

-Another amazing, beautiful day off from work. Thank you Hashem!

-My 2 boys went off to camp this week & B”H got there safely & are settling in nicely. Hashem gives us so much variety with the different seasons & activities. All for our benefit!!

  • Took my family to the pizza store on Sunday as we were trying to feed my 9 month old some pizza (small cut up pieces of course) she started to choke and cough,So I picked her up to make sure she was OK tried to see if there was anything stuck in her mouth (didn’t see anything) and after a few seconds she calmed down and was fine.We gave her some water and waited a few minutes to make sure she was OK She seemed OK was breathing normally so a few minutes later we tried feeding her again. I fed her a tiny piece of bread and same thing she started choking face turned red and she was crying and like gasping for air.This happened about 2 more times she would calm down drink something and was breathing fine  (We couldn’t figure out what was wrong she always eats regular food with no problem).    I tried feeding her 1 more time and the same thing happened this time I forced open her mouth all the way and found a shiny square sticker about the size of a quarter stuck in the back of her throat, Took it out of her mouth and bh she calmed down and was fine.    These 9 days are no joke THANK YOU HASHEM that my precious baby didn’t choke and we found the sticker in her mouth before chas vishalom anything worse happened to her! I can’t thank Hashem enough that she is perfectly fine now that was so scary as a parent to even imagine what chas vishalom could have happened! Hashem please watch over all of your children and protect us from any danger chas vishalom!

-Thank you Hashem for being at our side each and every day. There are no words to thank you for your endless beracha each day!

-Thank you Hashem for always listening to my prayers and for always helping me out!!
I said something in a crowd of people and one person got very upset because they took it very personally and as an insult not only to himself but to his entire family. Hashem knows I was in no way trying to insult anyone nor was I speaking of anyone but myself. B’H I have reason to believe the other people present understood me exactly the way I intended to be understood and they explained it to this person the following day. It is a horrible feeling to be falsely accused and B’H Hashem cleared things up for me!
Thank you Hashem for everything!

  • I went to the army terminal to pray mincha. BH we always have a minyan. On wed, we were short 1 guy, which never happens. Time was moving and it was getting late. All of a sudden someone comes storming in with a box of batteries. The place where we pray sells batteries. He was a regular sy guy who prays with us not so frequently. We’re all thinking GREAT NUMBER 10! but that’s not why he came, the box of batteries fell out of the window and came crashing down on a window in this other guys office, breaking the window and causing havoc in his office. Little did he know he was number 10 , and that’s why his window broke. Thank you Hashem

  • Thank you Hashem, I had a voice mail from someone asking me to call them back. It was one of those situations that it could have been a major problem or it could be nothing. I am talking possible major headache. I opened my tehilim and prayed very hard to Hashem. I did a misvah and I promised I would send a Thank you Hashem to this newsletter and make a kidush Hashem if it is a minor or nothing situation. Thank you Hashem that it was a very simple PRACTICALLY INVISIBLE situation. I love you Hashem and love this weekly email…..very next day,I was faced with another risky situation, I had the neder I made 1 day earlier in mind in sending a public Thank you to Hashem here and made the same neder with this situation. Baruch Hashem there was no situation it totally became non-existant!!! zero. Thank you so much Hashem for everything.

  • Thank you Hashem for sending me the money that I needed to pay a certain bill. Chasdei Hashem

  • ‎I was in an elevator with my 1 1/2 year old son and my sister. As the doors were opening my son stuck his finger  between the wall and the opening door. My sister pulled his hand out before it caused any damage. Thank you Hashem for preventing a really scary situation.

  • A few weeks ago I gave a person I don’t know so well a nice hello, shalom aleichem. Making small talk he ended up giving me a very nice order. Thank You Hashem. Yesterday I gave a person I did not see in a long time a very nice hello,shalom aleichem and he now has me speaking with his office regarding a nice order as well. I want to note that my intention in giving them a nice hello was not in order to receive something back, it was just an added bonus from Hashem. Thank you Hashem.

  • Thank you Hashem for the kidush Hashem that was made in hearing from the Rabbanim and family members about the way my Sitoh, Mrs Rose Kassin a’h lived her life. Something we all need to learn from. 109 healthy years on this world, Rabbi Diamond asked her the secret for longevity. Her answer was: “Always look for the good in everyone” May we all learn from these words.                             Thank you Hashem for my Sitoh.

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