Thank You Hashem – Week 159

  • I was out of town and needed to work using my laptop. I was trying to power it on but it was dead. Could not figure out what it was. It would not turn on no matter what I tried. I said great I will have to run to Staples and spend hundreds of dollars now. Before going there I quickly searched on my phone for laptop won’t power on and on top of the page took me to a 2 minute video on youtube that showed how to get it back on.  I said ein od milvado and gave it a try. Baruch Hashem it worked! Thank you Hashem for saving me all the time of going to Staples and setting up a new computer. And of course thank you Hashem for saving me all that money.
  • So much to be grateful for! Yesterday was a day in which I and my family got to see first hand chesed of Hashem non-stop.
  • Thank you very much Hashem for b”H good test results on a colonoscopy and CT scan!
  • I was on the garden state driving 80 mph when I noticed a police hiding behind bushes with a radar gun. Immediately braked a little but I was still way over the speed limit. Thank you Hashem for no ticket and for getting me to my destination safely.
  • Thank you Hashem for the greatest gift ever, a new baby boy into our family. Hashem has been-and is and will always be so kind to us. I can’t even start thanking Hashem for all what he’s giving us but Thank you Hashem for everything!!
  • My brother in law got married this week. Thank you Hashem that he found the right one and that we were able to be a part of the simcha even though it was overseas. May they be zoche to build a beautiful home together.
  • At Six Flags with my family after hearing on the news various incidents on rides I made a special tefilla for my kids and all am yisrael to be safe and protected. My son catches up with us later on and says he lost his cell phone, it fell off of the roller coaster. Baruch Hashem it was the phone that fell off and not him chas vishalom. Thank you Hashem
  • “So I’m sitting at my window seat and getting comfy for the short flight from Frankfurt to Israel, when the Israeli Olympic Judo winner -whose hand would not be shaken by his loser Egyptian opponent- comes in and scoots down in the aisle seat. His coach sits down between us. I grew up in LA and really don’t get all caught up in the hoopla of Hollywood. But I found myself honored and humbled to be in Ori Sasson and his coach, Oren Smadga‘s presence. It’s eye opening and fascinating to have these modern day Heroes of Israel sitting in economy, folding their massive legs into these tiny spaces. I hate to be a star gazer so I introduced myself, congratulated them and said I will not bother them – but only after one request. I asked Sasson to record a video for my dad and tell him to be a fighter and get better faster! Sasson did it beautifully and with sensitivity.But every Israeli is family and so of course we get to talking and laughing and sharing family secrets within five minutes.Coach told me that when Ori’s handshake was refused, he knew it would be awesome for the world to see that. He wanted the world to see with their own eyes that even in an Olympic sport where politics should be excluded, the hate is overwhelming towards the Jews even though as usual, the Jew comes to the Muslim with outstretched arms of peace.   He then proudly went through his iPhone pictures showing me the sequence of events how this went down. They got hundreds of FB messages that arabs will kill him if he touches the Egyptian. And as he was approaching the pillar they go up to before they get in the ring, all the Egyptians mates and coaches were pounding their chests and saying allahu Akbar! An FYI – this coach was the first Olympic gold medalist for Israel in Judo 24 years ago. And his dad was his coach. So now, Sasson, his coach, and grandpa Saba, are all traveling together!  I asked Sasson about his involvement in Judaism and he was proud to say he put Tefillin on the day of the winning match. He consented when I told him he also must put Tefillin on tomorrow in showing thanks to the same God. I mentioned what the rebbe said in regards to the fact that Tefillin protects the land and people of Israel. He also said his favorite line from the Rebbe is “the will of a person shows his personality”. Who knew?
  • Our family went away on a trip – For some very odd reason – right before we arrived one of our cars was pulled over for a violation. It was a moving vehicle violation which usually involves points to the license. As the officer is doing his duties – I accepted that this is with tremendous love of Hashem, prayed that this be the worst of anything that can happen to us on this trip – the officer comes back to the car – says – no points to the license – no record on the driving of this summons, and since the violation was in a construction zone in which fines are doubled – he handed me the ticket which was just a regular fine. Thank you Hashem for this tikkun or shmira that we needed. I was already imagining going to fight the points in court – and this is quite a distance from my home……. When we arrived at the destination – at had to pay the parking lady – I only had a $50 bill on me – she wouldn’t take it – can’t be more than a $20…… we were a bit pressed for time and looking around this hick-town for some ATM to withdraw small change to pay for this wasn’t something that I was looking to do just now…….She allowed us to park and said come and pay after you go the ATM…..Thank you Hashem for that! We parked – and as I’m walking towards the town and figuring out what to do – I see an older couple – went over to them asked them if they had small change for my $50 – they did – were happy to help me out and I got the parking lady with the cash without going out of the way or looking for ATM machines…..Thank you Hashem!……When I got to the booth to pay and she gave me the parking receipt to put on my windshield – she stops and says – “OK – Just hold onto the receipt – I won’t make you go all the way back to the car to put it in window – I was parked all the way at the other end of the lot – Thank you Hashem!We enjoyed our day immensely – there was an element of danger that could’ve happened – which did not – Baruch Hashem! Mid-way on our trip – we had to stop to wait for some others to catch up. We were late – it was getting dark – we were still quite a distance from where we had to get to – in this random lot – a young couple gets out – offers cold water(we had as well) & popcorn – it’s not Kosher – so we took it and when they left promptly disposed of it……..waiting in this lot as well – a man comes around with a dog that was the size of a fox – at least. I was alone with two young children. Afraid is the least way to explain – and I have to protect two young children as well – Thank you Hashem the owner realized the children were afraid – held onto his dog while having a schmooze with someone else in the lot…….can’t begin to imagine dealing with a running wild dog, huge like anything – while we are waiting for family members – and it’s starting to turn towards dark – who knows what else is coming around………Thank you Hashem a frum couple arrived – stayed around until our family was all together again.Thank you Hashem for a safe return trip – healthy & exhausted.
  • Thank you Hashem for a productive Summer!

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