Thank You Hashem – Week 160

  • I was not feeling well for a couple of weeks, maybe more. Went to a Dr. locally and they brushed it off as allergies. I continued to suffer so made a trip to Dr. Fariwa. He correctly diagnosed me and prescribed what I needed and Baruch Hashem I am better. Thank you Hashem for Dr. Fariwa who gives of his time to his patients even at his own personal expense. At this visit I mentioned I am sorry about his father inlaw, Rabbi Yedid zs’l and he replies yes it is the sheloshim right now. The Arayat is going on and I am trying to get there. He was still helping many patients out of the goodness of his heart when he had a very important place to be. Hashem should bless Dr. Fariwa
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me each day a new opportunity to improve myself and help others.
  • Me and a few Friends were on a road trip and since we were all under 21 no hotel let us check in. finally we went to a hotel and the lady told us  there is only 1 room left and didn’t ask for i.D, but my friend forgot his credit card in the car. while he went to get it, a different person came to extend his room for another night .  when my friend got back To pay for our room, the lady couldn’t find a open room in the system,so she decide to give us  a suite  room   for the same price. thank u Hashem for putting us there at the perfect time if we would of gotten there a few seconds later the lady would have just told us there fully booked and thank you Hashem for  making my friend forget his wallet in the car 🙂
  • Elul is coming soon. There is a fellow who owns a jewelry store in Israel. One day a nine year old girl walked into the store and said, “I am here to buy a bracelet.” She looked through the glass cases and pointed to a bracelet that was $3,000. The man behind the counter asked her, “You want to buy that bracelet?” “Yes,” she replied. “Wow, you have very good taste. Who do you want to buy it for?”

“For my older sister.”
“Oh that is so nice!” the storekeeper replied. “Why do you want to buy your older sister this bracelet?”
“Because I don’t have a mother or father,” the little girl said, “and my older sister takes care of us. So we want to buy her a present, and I’m willing to pay for it.” She pulled out of her pocket a whole bunch of coins that totaled just under eight shekels, a little less than two dollars.
The fellow says, “Wow! That’s exactly what the bracelet costs!” While wrapping up the bracelet he said to the girl, “You write a card to your sister while I wrap the bracelet.” He finished wrapping the bracelet, wiped away his tears, and handed the little girl the bracelet.
A few hours later the older sister entered the store. “I’m terribly embarrassed,” she said. “My sister should not have come here. She shouldn’t have taken it without paying.” “What are you talking about?” the storekeeper asked.
“What do you mean? This bracelet costs thousands of dollars. My little sister doesn’t have thousands of dollars – she doesn’t even have ten dollars! Obviously she didn’t pay for it.”
“You couldn’t be more wrong,” the storekeeper replied. “She paid me in full. She paid seven shekel, eighty agurot, and a broken heart. I want to tell you something. I am a widower. I lost my wife a number of years ago. People come into my store every single day. They come in and buy expensive pieces of jewelry, and all these people can afford it. When your sister walked in, for the first time in so very long since my wife had died, I once again felt what love means.”
He gave her the bracelet and wished her well.
During the High Holy Days, we come to the Almighty and we want to buy something very expensive. We want to buy life. But we cannot afford it. We don’t have enough money to pay for it. We don’t have the merits. So we come to the Almighty and we empty out our pockets, giving him whatever merits we have plus promises for the future. I’ll pick up the phone and call someone who is lonely, I will learn an extra five minutes of Torah, I will be kind and I will be scrupulous about not speaking lashon hara (gossip) for one hour a day.
The Almighty says, “You don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve felt what love means.” He sees how much we love Him and how much we yearn to improve, and He says, “You know what? You have touched my heart. Here it is, paid in full.”
The story was told over by Rabbi Go’el Elkarif who said he heard it from the person himself.

  • Thank you Hashem for a safe trip with my family and for the great time we had together.
  • Thank You Hashem for such a Beautiful spiritual summer.
  • Thank you Hashem for the great prize I won at a chinese auction.
  • I saw a person in shul that I was surprised to see. I knew him many years ago and if you would have told me that I would see him in s hul praying I would not have believed it. Then I see his children. His boys are bnei torah wearing black hats. Mi Kiamcha Yisrael. Everyone has a potential. I spoke with the person and told him how great he and his family look and he added that I have an important role in it . I had no idea. Thnak you Hashem for letting me see this kidush Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me see and enjoy your hand in every day of life. Life is so beautiful.
  • I was working on an order with a customer. I called to go over something with him and try to see if I can get him to complete the order, he said he will get back to me. I said to myself fine, leave it for now. All of the sudden he calls and leaves a message doubling the order!!! Thank you Hashem.

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