Thank You Hashem – Week 163

  • As I was leaving shul in the morning it was raining very hard. I parked about 2 blocks away and did not have a jacket or umbrella. I was trying to figure out how to get to my car without getting wet. I saw a friend’s car on a red light and said I will make a run for it and knock on his window and ask him to drive me to my car. As I am running I get to his car and see it is full so I keep running. I stop at the corner. Our old shul and am waiting under an awning deciding how to make the trek and get to my car. I say hello to a person who is in the shul and came to see who was by their entrance. I explain my situation as we are chatting. On the floor in the corner in an empty area where it looks like they were doing some repair work, I see an old umbrella. I ask if I can borrow it to go to my car and I will drive back here and return it. He says yes of course. I pick up the umbrella, Open it up as I start walking and see it is actually MY umbrella. I had left it in the shul 15 YEARS AGO!!!! Hashem had it waiting there for me for 15 years for this moment when I would need it. What were the odds of this?. Thank you Hashem. And yes I returned the umbrella and put it back. You never know if I or someone else may need it again. Besides do you think he would actually believe it was really                              mine from 15 years ago haha…Thank you Hashem.
  • Wedding tonight – mabruk.
  • A Million thanks to the Almighty.  I was driving with my family on the highway and were taking an exit to go to another highway and I wasn’t  carefully watching that the traffic was at standstill when my son who was seating in the passenger side lets me know that the car in front of me had completely stop.  I slam on the brakes and swerve to the left to avoid hitting him.  Baruch H-shem there was no car on the left side.  I notice that by the time it took the car to completely stop on the left my car would have been 1 and 1/2 car ahead that means it would have been a disaster.  B”H we went and came back fine after this miracle.
  • my wife opened the breakfront to take something out, something fell over, causing the Challa knife to fall out.  The knife hit her foot, landed near my baby, and Boruch Hashem no-one got hurt.
  • I was on my way taking a long drive to see an account of mine. The person told me she would be there at 2pm and I should just show up. About 15 minutes into the drive I decided I should call to just make sure she is there. She says sorry but she is stuck at motor vehicles and if I can please come tomorrow instead. Thank you Hashem for putting the idea in my head to call. I would have wasted a lot of time.
  • Thank you Hashem for the month of Elul. It really feels like I can pour my heart out to you and that you are closer than ever (Hashem is in the fields)!
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me a sale from the most unlikely place. Showing me clearly who is in control of everything.
  • Thank you Hashem for new opportunities and support by peers.
  • Thank you Hashem for your protection. I was at the top of a staircase about to go down the steps. By mistake I only had half of my foot on the step and the other half was slipping off forward. Baruch Hashem I was able to straighten out and catch my balance and make it to the next step. Thank you HASHEM that I did not fall down the steps.
  • My daughters friend got an engaged- mazal tov
  • I davened this morning that Hashem should help me to feel his love all the time. I know He’s there and I know He loves me and watches/orchestrates everything especially for me – I just want the next level of feeling for real. Later in the day, I went to the shoe store. I wanted a particular shoe. There were two similar ones – each offering something – but no shoe had all of the specifics that I really wanted. I settled on one of them and the salesman went to call his other store as there were no more left in this branch. He comes back to me afterwards and tells me that the shoe which I really wanted – and it was something that they didn’t even make was available in my size at the other location. It seems that they made a small trial run or something like that and they had such a pair. Thank you Hashem for allowing me to FEEL your love. I love you, Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for our hearts that work 24/7 without stop. My grandma was taken into the emergency room to check out an irregular heartbeat. B’h it was something minor but it makes you stop and appreciate every second that the heart beats regularly and keeps us alive.
  • Mabruk on a great Bar mitzvah of my nephew. We are so proud of him.
  • I got a call from my customer to come pick up a check for an order.He said he will be at a certain address in 15 minutes. I had no time to go to my office to get the invoice with the amount. If I didn’t get it from him now I would have to drive over an hour later to pick it up. I prayed to Hashem that he would be ok giving me a signed check with no amount on it and let me fill it in later. Hashem can do anything even something unlikely like this. I see him unloading something from his car and I was ready to go ahead with my plan on asking him if I can fill it in at my office.I walk over to him and say hello. He on his own takes out the check form his pocket as if it was a piece of scrap paper and says here just fill it in, it is blank. He didn’t even ask me the amount or if I had an invoice or anything like that. Keep in mind this check was for several thousand dollars. What were the odds of this?. Thank you Hashem. Hashem can do anything if we believe in him and ask and pray for it. Thank you Hashem.

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