Thank You Hashem – Special, Week 169

About 20 years ago right after my father had passed away, I was approached by a neighborhood Yeshiva to do some fund raising for them. I had never done any sort of fund raising before. I didn’t know what to answer. I thought it would be a nice thing to do, a nice misvah right after my father passed away. They said I should get up in front of my shul and make a speech and then use the cards they would drop off by my house to mark the pledges down. Friday morning they dropped off 600 cards, but no speech. I am not a speaker and was left to fend for myself and try to get up in front of the kahal and make a speech on my own and do the fund raising for the Yeshiva.

I did it, I got up in front of everyone and made my appeal. After I spoke I was standing there with 600 cards. I looked to my side and saw a wealthy member of the shul, a friend of mine and I approached him and asked if he can start us out and help out the Yeshiva. His response shocked me. He started berating me. He started saying – How dare you approach me like this!, I will never help out this Yeshivah! and started to scream at me in front of the entire shul. I was humiliated beyond belief. He then angrily takes the card and tears it into pieces and THROWS IT IN MY FACE!!!  I put the other 599 cards in an envelope and gave up. I went home sat on the couch and cried like a Baby. I couldn’t continue,I was broken. I felt like I let my father down. I felt like I let the Yeshiva down. But that man deflated me. I was numb and could not go thru with this.

10 year later I get a call from a food organization asking if I can help fund raise for them. I paused and said this is my chance to get back on the horse and try again. I said yes and agreed to help out. I wanted to do avodat Hashem and was determined to do this Misvah that Hashem has resent to me.

I got to my place of business and had a wealthy community member show up as a customer that day. I approached her with a card for a pledge and began to ask if she can help out this wonderful food organization. Her reaction startled me. She angrily yells at me How dare you approach me over here for a donation!!! Who do you think you are!!. I am not here to give charity I am here for my own personal needs. I will not give you any donation. Don’t you ask me for any donations!!! I was shocked. But this time I was determined. I told myself I will not let her get me down. I will not give up the avodat Hashem I am trying to do. I am going to move on and continue full force ahead with great determination!

Within 6 months I was zoche to collect $140,000!!! Yes $140,000!

Being in the Parashiot we are reading this time of year the lesson was clear to me. Noach and Avraham were ridiculed and made fun of but they did not give up. They stayed true to the job of serving Hashem and did not let people bring them down. They persevered. This is our test. If we are growing and doing the right thing in serving Hashem we should not let a friend or colleague put us down. We must stay focused and continue in our avodat Hashem. Do not let any ridicule or any remarks take you off track. Keep on growing and doing the misvot we are required to do and stay strong believing and knowing that you are doing the right thing for Hashem and for yourself.

  • Thank you Hashem for giving me patience and strength to go through my every day life  especially in hard times. Hashem I know u always give me what I can handle  and always taking care of me
  • I sent a shipment of merchandise to a fulfillment center. Somehow the merchandise got lost in the fulfillment center I thought it was going to be a big headache and a loss of money. I call them up and after a very short conversation (u can sometimes be on hold for hours with them) they immediately told me I will be reimbursed for the full retail value of the entire shipment! Thank you Hashem!
  • My wife was putting one child to sleep the baby was playing in his crib in another room my wife heard choking sounds from the baby’s room she ran to the baby and found a bandaid in his mouth. Thank you Hashem that she was able to hear him and prevent him from anything serious.
  • At a store I usually do shabbat shopping at I nicely mentioned that last week I found a hair in the cake if they can just credit it towards this bill. I didn’t think it was the biggest deal but for some reason they asked if I saved the cake with the hair. I was like, what? Am I hearing things? Did you just ask if I saved a cake with a hair in it? They said that anyone can make this claim how do they know I am not making it up. I said please don’t be ridiculous, look at my account and see how much money I spend here and then decide if you want to question me about a lousy piece of cake. They said the manager would call me tomorrow. I was thinking isn’t that strange how they can question a good customer about a cake credit, going towards another large order I might add. The dept. manager calls me the next day and gives me the same ridiculous response, where is the bad cake? Anyone can just say that, we need to see the cake. Are they serious? I got upset and asked for his boss to call me in regards to how they handle a good customer. This was pretty insulting. If anything they should thank me for bringing it to their attention. In the mean time I text someone that I know that works there advising him that the proper thing to do is not to question a regular customer and just keep quiet and credit it before I get insulted and no longer shop there at all. He calls me asking what is going on. I fill him in and he says he will look into how things like this are handled and in the mean time what is my phone number on the account so he can credit the cake. I tell him it is ok forget the credit but he persisted so I gave him the number. He calls me back and repeats the number saying he can’t find the account. I tell him he is off by 1 number. He jumps in and says, you are going to love this one. When I saw this number wasn’t working I tried the cel number you called from and I found x amount of money in your account!!! (about 100 times more than the cake!!!) He says it has been sitting in your account since 2014!!, I checked it and someone gave this money into the account for you as a gift. He was overwhelmed by the Siyata Dishmaya we just saw. If not for the bad cake I would never had known about this. If not for the strange response from them questioning me about it, if not for him writing down my number wrong, if not for him deciding on his own to try my cel # (he could have just called and asked me to repeat the number) -so many things but mainly, I shop there Likvod Shabbat kodesh and see clearly how Hashem has provided for my shabbat needs and provides for everyone’s shabbat needs for that matter. Thank you Hashem for the present.
  • Thank you Hashem for the 45th Elected President of The United States Of America. I prayed I wept and studied and gave tzedakah and I sent my message to the OHEL. Thank you Hashem.
  • I was driving late at night on the highway. A car in the left lane sped up and passed me as I traveled in the right lane. All of the sudden he swerved a bit to avoid hitting dear that were on the road. Thank you Hashem for putting this car before me to scare off the dear and allow me to remain in control of the car without hitting the dear and to remain level-headed. I love you Hashem. All day long is Chesed and more Chesed and more!
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me be part of a shiur that we all continue to grow in. It is amazing seeing how far we have come and how we all have changed for the better. Thank you Hashem for the power of the Torah.
  • Thank you Hashem for a beautiful healthy baby girl. The miracle of a new life is so mind boggling that there are no words to properly thank you!!
  • Thank you Hashem for so many beautiful simachot to attend.
  • Thank you Hashem for the order you have sent me. It was totally unexpected reminding me who runs our entire day of every day.
  • I had a difficult situation at work which went on for almost 2 months. I took upon myself to say Brachos with more Kavanah and from a written text for a Zechus for a good parnasah. Bh. The situation got resolved, thank you Hashem.
  • Hashem also showed me how happy he’s with this kabulah, as I just received a bruches card by mail which i ordered a very very long time ago. Hashem made that it should arrive right when I took upon myself to say brachos with more kavanah.

    Yesterday, I had an unexpected expense but I didn’t loose my cool and said to my wife that this is all for the good and let it be a kapurah, today I received a cheque in the mail in the exact amount of the unexpected expense, once again, Hashem with his unlimited kindness showed me that there’s someone behind the scene looking after us around the clock. We just need to open our eyes and understand and believe that he as our creator knows better then all of us what is good for us, his creation.

    Thank you Hashem for everything!

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