Thank You Hashem – Week 170

  • Thank You Hashem !   Headed to my office after a morning appointment and a train ride that lasted too long . While I was on the train my phone went dead as I was using it all morning. The train exit is right in front of JC Penney and I wanted to stop there anyway on my way home so I ran in since I was late for work anyway another few minutes wouldn’t matter and once there I decided to use their rest room. I then ran to my office and pressed the elevator button with my mind racing about everything I had to do, and regretting the extra minutes at the store. The elevator crept up, let out a crunching sound and stopped cold ! No buttons worked ! I rang the emergency bell and no answer (but I was sure the super was in the building !) After a few moments I noticed a small button with a phone icon on it and pressed and a voice answered asking for the address and said help is on the way in 5 minutes. But 20 minutes later still no help and no phone !! The super did call out to me and said it would take a while to get me out. (Good thing I used the restroom at JC Penney )
    I took out my laptop and with no internet signal just sat on the floor and did some work until they got me out – I try not to think about what would have happened had I not gone in to the store, or if the elevator was crowded, or if it were at night, or if, or if, or if …THANK YOU HASHEM !
  •  I love you so much Hashem. I just felt the need to show and express my love and appreciation by sending it in to this forum. I just had to check on something that could have made my life have a lot of grief. I prayed very hard and connected to Hashem. Baruch Hashem it turned out that what I found was actually something positive for me AND TO MY BENEFIT and not the opposite. Thank you Hashem for controlling all and everything. Siyata Dishmaya for all the readers and all of kelal yisrael.
  •  Thank you Hashem for being zoche to celebrate my sons bar Mitvah and share it with so many wonderful people
  • Thank you Hashem for everything!!! I was stopped by the police last year in February in a speed trap. The city had just lowered the speed limit on that road so there were about 5 police cars waiting to catch people. I had noticed the police officer with her radar but didn’t understand why she was there. When I was given my ticket, I knew I had exceeded the new speed but I was sure I hadn’t reached the speed that was mentioned on the ticket. I decided I was going to contest the ticket. I was called into court on November 10th. When I came into the court room, it was full and it looked like they were really behind schedule. I waited patiently to appear before the judge, but to everyone’s dismay, the judge rescheduled everyone. I was the last to pass before the judge to get a new date. As the judge was telling me what day to come back, the prosecutor said something to the judge who told me I was acquitted! I didn’t ask why, I just said thank you, left the courtroom, looked up to Hashem and said Thank you Hashem!!! To this day I cannot come up with a reason as to why they acquitted it without my statement. The only thing I can think of is that Hashem is kind B’H!!
  •  a friend of mine reminded me that Rabbi Cohen taught that the worst level of sinat chinam-baseless hatred- is when you see your friend sinning and making mistakes and you do not care to help him and show him the right way. 2 days later another friend of mine calls me and asks if I can order an electric shaver for him. I say sure, for your son? He says no he just ran into a friend and it seems he is shaving with a razor. He wants to buy him the electric shaver and nicely teach him the right and correct way of the torah. I repeated Rabbi Cohens words to him as I handed him the shaver and it made him very happy as he marched on to go and teach his friend the right way. (shaving with razors are assur)
  • b”H our flight to Eretz Yisroel was perfect. In addition, all our luggage was together and waiting for us for our easy retrieval. Thank you Hashem for this great opportunity!
  • Hi, It’s just so clear in life that we really can’t control things and it’s not up to us. Just an example, we had an outlet that was sparking, that was a nes itself-my brothers keys that were connected to his pants somehow touched the outlet but somehow the fire dropped to the floor , the keys on his pants melted and he was not touched. This happened about a week ago and someone came the next day and said he can’t fix it and he’s going to be busy this whole week and cant come to fix it. He somehow showed up today, which he was not supposed to do. He was not going to come for at least another week. my mother asked him why he came today?, he said he had extra time. My mother showed him a different room to check if its coming from there. There was a problem there too and then he checked the dining room chandelier to see if it’s connected with that and he said it’s already burning and we would have had an electrical fire if he wouldn’t have came today. He said “I guess Hashem just sent me today, we think we can control things, he’s always watching us”
  • Thank you Hashem – there are just so many! Thank you Hashem for every single minute – every breath of life – every opportunity to fulfill your ratzon – our purpose on this world.
  • Thank you Hashem for the simchos I went to this week, for the normal stability and functionality of my family, for my friends, for my job, for enough money, for the ability to do everything that I need to do, for protecting me and my family for things that we will never know about, for the joy of life, for the hum-drum regular day to day life, to enjoy and spend time with other people, for health – mind, body, spirit, & soul, for the gifts – everything is a gift! And mostly for constantly looking after me and providing for me – non-stop – even though I absolutely deserve nothing of it!I love you, Hashem – forever!
  • 2 brisses and an engagement this week to go to. Thank you Hashem
  • I was handed my salary and saw I was overpaid, I immediately took the money out and returned it and marked it overpaid. My co-worker jokingly texted my boss to say I was overpaid unless I want to give a raise…he answered Yes- there is a raise! Hashem gives us what we need sometimes without even asking. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for Holidays that are real Emet and have special meaning to us.

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