Thank You Hashem – Week 171

  • Thank you Hashem for giving me the wisdom to thank you every day and not need a day called thanksgiving.
  •  Thank you Hashem for insulation! We put in foam insulation in the bedrooms yesterday. It was a great feeling to wake up in a warm room. Thanks for a great family who helped me clean up.
  • Thank you hashem for the special simcha of my brothers wedding this Wednesday. It’s amazing how hashem helps each person find their perfect match. No two people are alike and there are millions of people in the world and yet hashem has the right match prepared for everyone! May they be zoche to build a beautiful Jewish home.
  • Thank you Hashem for the 2 crisp fresh 5 dollar bills I just found on the floor.
  • The heater at my parents’ house was not working in the kitchen for some time now. The electrician came by and checked the thermostat so he could figure out what the problem was. When he opened the thermostat to see what was going on with the wires, He found the box burnt, the wires too were completely burnt as though they had been up in flames.  The wall around it had also been burnt. We are assuming some kind of fire went on in the wall without us even noticing. I do not understand how that could happen, but if anyone were to see the wires and the plastic box the assumption would be that it was on fire. Barouch Hashem nothing worse happened. It is a known fact that when electricity and fire are put into contact big damage can occur, especially when everything around it is wood and easily flamable. Thank G-d the only thing that happened here was that the heater simply stooped working. This is clearly some kind of miracle. Barouch hashem! Thank you Hashem for always looking out for us and for protecting am Israel from bad.
  • So many simachot to attend this week I am very grateful to Hashem.
  • Segulot for month of Kislev-The Month of Kislev known as month of miracles, one who wants miracle has always to be happy and thank HaShem for everything!!! ☀Rabbi Chaim Palagi promised: One who will not complain even once staring Rosh Chodesh Kislev and until the 8th day of Chanuka will see great miracles  whole year around!!! Just thank HaShem twice a day and recite Tehilim chapter 100!!! – There is a great merit to do a Seuda ( meal with wine and meat) and to say prayer of Nishmat Kol Chai- this prayer is good for miracles. – Nishmat Kol chai was written by Yitzhak and Rivka, this week’s Parsha Toldot we read always on the week of Rosh Chodesh. With the merit of Nishmat Kol chai they were able to change their mazal and Rivka got pregnant with twins. – At this meal we have to thank HaShem for everything we have and ask for miracles .Very important to pray for other people, when we ask for somebody else HaShem gives us also what we need. Because in the nature of a person to ask about himself first and we come and show HaShem we care about others, so HaShem is happy to see that His kids care about each other  Chodesh Tov
  • I was in the turning lane on Ocean Parkway and a car coming the other direction changes lanes from the middle to the lane closest to my side of the street. As he changes he crosses too far and is now headed straight towards me head on. I immediately prayed to Hashem. There was nothing I could do from the turning lane any move I would make would cause an accident. Hashem answered my tefilla nad had the car swerve back into his lane. Thank you Hashem.
  •  I saw a couple of missed calls on my phone from a client of mine. It had potential to be a problem. I davened to Borei Olam and called her back. Baruch Hashem all was fine. Hashem easily made it into nothing. Thank you Hashem for taking care of me.
  • From the archives..

 Dear Hashem,   THANK YOU!  For Your infinite kindness and compassion that You shower on us every minute! Thank You for the blessings in my life that are too many to count. For letting me be a part of Your family. Thank You for the things I know and see are clearly good and thank You for the things I’m not aware of but You know are good. Thank You for a life better than I could’ve ever asked for. For a family, school, friends, teachers, parents, siblings and the endless good that You alone provide. Thank You for giving me capabilities and talents. For my strengths, challenges, happiness, and health. Thank You for the Nisyonot that force me to grow. For the closeness I can achieve the more I learn. Thank You for giving the ability to pray. To talk to You, to beg, ask, thank, sing, and turn to You. Thank You for listening to our endless words of complaints when You never stop to give. Thank You for forgiving us when we’ve done so much wrong. Thank You for giving us a manuscript on how to live our lives the best way possible. For giving us a way to earn the best portion in the world to come. Thank You for such a beautiful world, and our ability to see it; hear it, smell it and feel it. Thank You for heart that beats, feels, loves, cares and gives. For a mind to control our body and a mind to let our control become Yours. Thank You for each stage of our lives where we learn new things and gain new perspective. For each time You took away our pain, soothed our hurt, tended our wounds, cried with us, lifted us higher and promised us a beautiful future. Thank You for little miracles we find in our lives. For the boundless joy we have as You give us Semachot. Thank You for shielding us from what other nations suffer. For giving us the pride of being Your children. Thank You for letting us believe, for the complete Emunah that You alone make the world turn. Thank You for those bursts of inspiration and light. For the smallest things in life that bring a smile. Thank You for the physical things in life that we must elevate, that sustain our being. The food, clothing, ice cream and fun. Thank You for Shabbat and Yom Tov and days we’re commanded to get close to You. Thank You for those messages You send us to remind us where You are. For those moments of loneliness, where we feel Your presence more than anyone. For that understanding we get that there’s no one to turn to but You. Thank You for the people in our lives that guide us towards You with such clarity. The people that care and respect each other. Thank You for loving us even more than a parent and child. For giving and giving and giving with no boundaries. For holding us tight and never letting go of Your children. For keeping us close to You throughout everything. Thank You Abba, Thank You Hashem for being a Father gives endlessly.

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