Thank You Hashem Special – Week 173

-My gold bangles were missing. I looked everywhere for them! I searched over and over for them. I had a worker in my home the day they went missing. My family suspected he took them. I said the prayer for finding a lost object and gave sedaka then I continued to look some more… sure enough I found them in a place that I had checked at least three times! Hashem opened my eyes and let me find them. Thank You Hashem!!!!

  • I just had a thought on Parashat VaYetzeh that I like to share with everyone. Yaakov Avinu prays for Lechem Leechol (bread to eat) Ubeged Lilbosh (and clothes to wear) that a person always has to Thank H-shem for all the food that we eat and that we are healthy to be able to eat it and for each and every piece of clothes B”H so many different colors, types, styles that we have and we can wear and B”H not walk around barminan in a hospital gown.

-I thank Hashem for the nes and Chesed he has done for us.  I would like to share with all of you an amazing story that changed our lives forever. On December 5th 2014   (יג כסלו) Friday morning, about 10 am while I was at work. I got a phone call from my house. Knowing that my wife would regularly be at work at that time, I picked up the phone with a little trepidation, not expecting to hear a strange voice letting me know that my wife had fainted and she was being rushed to Maimonides hospital. Before I go on I just want to let everyone know that the nes started that same day because my wife fainted at the front door with it open as she was about to leave to work and Hashem gave her enough strength to scream for help before losing consciousness.  A random person and a nurse that just so happened to be passing by heard it and rushed to my wife’s aid. The reason I say that, is because if it would have happened five minutes earlier she would have been behind a closed door and chas veshalom no one would have heard her and she could have been chas veshalom holding the baby. And if it would happen five minutes later she would have been in the car driving on the way to work with baby in the back Hashem yerachem. So I also thank Hashem for letting it happen that very minute and not before or after. (Back to the story) I got to the hospital as my wife was wheeled in and I have never seen her like that, it really scared me. They rushed her in to the cat scan to look at the head, only to come out and give me the worst news I can possibly get, that she had a brain aneurysm and that she has bleeding in the brain and they have to perform an emergency operation to release the pressure of the brain to try to stop the bleed. I broke into tears trying to take in what they had just told me and in the same time trying to think what decision to make. The doctor told me time is a big factor and we have to make a fast decision. B”h I had my sister and a special shaliach that helped me through out the whole time. They rushed her into the operating room to put a drain in the brain and at the same time the doctor will try to stop the bleeding with a less invasive operation which means going in through the main artery in the leg up into the brain. We right away spread the word and my wife’s situation went viral. The doctor came out letting me know that b”h he was able to put in the drain, but with the same breath told me that he couldn’t stop the bleed because of the place where it was, which was a non-common spot and on a very small vessel and he did not feel confident he can get to it. I can’t even begin to describe how that made me feel and what that made me think. The next step was to actually go in and remove a part of the brain so they can get to the bleed, with only Hashem knowing what the end results would have been. The doctor had said many things that I’d rather not repeat but one can only imagine what, (within 24 hours ______lo aleinu) . At this time she was in stable but critical condition and I had to act fast, like I said time was of the essence. B”h with much help of a lot of people especially that shliach that was able to guide me to the right doctor and actually called the Chief doctor in NY Presbyterian that he personally knows and made all the arrangements for my wife to be transferred there. At this point my wife was in the N.I.C.U on a respirator fighting for her life while we were waiting for transportation. Later that night, at about 10pm Friday night she was transported to NY Presbyterian hospital N.I.C.U. Shabbat morning me and my sister met with the Chief neurosurgeon and chief noninvasive neurosurgeon. They basically told me the same things over, letting me know how serious her condition is and that the aneurysm caused a stroke to the left side of her body. They both decided that they want to try again the noninvasive procedure, which means going through the main artery in the leg all the way up to the brain to try and stop it. If that didn’t work, they would then have to go in and remove some of the brain to get to it, and if she would survive it would be under very different circumstances and her life, our life would be changed for ever.  I asked the doctors why they feel they will be able to do it. They just said they feel they may have a 25% chance. They said that every hospital has different tools and they want to give it a try once more before going to the next step. The first thing I thought was that everyone’s tefilot all through the night definitely helped because that was the first relatively good news I had gotten. The doctor told me that the surgery would take anywhere from an hour to eight hours. I brook down crying shook the doctor’s hands and told him take care of my wife and we will be praying for him so that G-d directs his hands in the right direction. He thanked me and said he will do the best he can. B”h with everyone’s tefilot and all the tears that were spilled the doctor came out of the OR after about an hour and a half, and to be honest after telling me how complicated and how big the risk is and how long it may take I was scared to see him so soon and thought the worst. As the doctor sat down next to me in the waiting room I again just started crying not knowing what he is about to tell me. He took a deep breath and then told us about the big miracle that happened. He had gone in to view the aneurysm only to find out that a blood clot had formed over it, causing the bleeding to stop. I shook his hand and asked him if he believes in miracles. He smiled and said, “I know u guys pray a lot and have very strong faith. In my 30 plus years of being a doctor I have never seen anything like this and there is no other way of explaining what had happened.” The whole time I prayed to Hashem that I know that everything he does is letova but I ask that he please make it that it would be revealed good in my eyes. B”h not in my zechut but in my wife’s and everyone else zechut that had a part in it, my wife is here with us today and besides getting stronger and back to her self with physical therapy she is b”h fully functioning, in every aspect. They had said “if” my wife survives she would have to be in the hospital unit for 6 months and then in another care facility for another 6 months.In 1 month my wife walked out on her own 2 feet!. She exited her room to a round of applause from the entire staff in the hallway! A kidush Hashem.The day my wife was discharged the doctors came and asked her what she had felt through out the whole thing. My wife had a stage 4 aneurysm, 5 being the worst, and they said most people don’t make it through a stage 3, and that they never got to speak to someone that went through it. The last scan that my wife did, shows that the aneurysm has completely disappeared “on its own”.  Yishtabach ve’yithalel sh’mo l’ad.   I want to thank Hashem for giving us a miracle with in a miracle. Now when we celebrate Chanukah’s miracle we also celebrate our own. All I can say is always believe in Hashem because he is the only one that is hakol yechol and he can change everything even though it doesn’t seem so. Shabbat shalom and Chanukah sameach. (my wifes story/interview is written up in Bina magazine)

-Hashem thank you for a peaceful week

-my daughter got a ride home from production practice! from John Dewey! Thank you Hashem!  sometimes the little things are the big things. come home safe!

  • Thank you Hashem that my daughter got engaged to a wonderful boy from a wonderful family! Chasdei Hashem!

-It is amazing how we take the small things for granted. The hose of one of the faucets in my kitchen sprung a leak & the plumber is in the process of getting the replacement piece. Meanwhile, even though we still have one perfectly operating sink, we see how much we rely on both sinks & never give it a second thought. Thank you Hashem for the wake up call with  a relatively minor nuisance!!


  • My daughter had a Bas Mitzvah celebration this week & we are very proud of her. Thank you Hashem!!


-My daughter was driving & hit a meshulach that was crossing the seat. B”H he only had minor bruises. A reminder how important it is to use reflectors, especially on these long winter nights & if dressed in dark clothing.

-Thank You Hashem my son is becoming bar mitzvah tonight

-We greatly thank Hashem for letting us experience a very pleasant, meaningful, safe, healthy and enjoyable trip in Eretz Yisroel!!

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