Thank You Hashem – Week 172

  • Just a thought, Last week we witnessed a beautiful thing, many people celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving, I say beautiful because it is so inspiring to see such a diverse world of people unified around a concept as important as thanks.    And yet, I and many others like me, who appreciate the true meaning of thanks, did not feel it a necessity to jump on this very inspiring bandwagon. Why wouldn’t we, of all people feel it was important?  We don’t even take a sip of water without asking and thanking G-d.                                                                                                           So here is what I think Thanksgiving is really about. Yes it is about thanks, but it is the only holiday where people sit around a table with customarily designed food, and enjoy themselves. The only think that may compare for them may be an X-mas dinner which is maybe once a year. So the novelty for them is enormous.     Guess what though, we have this experience 3 times a week on Shabbat. We experience the togetherness and the joy of our family. We focus on one another, and the enormous gratitude we have for a week that ends as we ebb into the holy folds of the holiness in the air.     Unfortunately, although a thanksgiving dinner is cute, and something that you may want to experience once or twice. It ain’t nothing even remotely close to the shabbat that we have EVERY WEEK! And by the way, not to dis turkey, our Friday night and Shabbat food kills the pumpkin pie and stuffing. I guess what I am saying is WE ARE SO LUCKY!  Shabbat is coming soon!! getting ready for my weekly thanksgiving dinner, feeling so lucky to be a Jew.Shabbat Shalom
  • Thank You HaShem so so much for being in control of my life and every single person’s life. It’s such a comfort to know that anything hat happens comes from You. THank You for letting me be Jewish and religious. Thank You for Rabbis and speeches that let us stay on track. Thank You for letting me breathe now and all the breathes that You gave me my whole life and for letting me be healthy. Thank You for all the little troublesome things instead of bringing it all at once. Thank You for truly caring about Bnei Yisrael and for loving us. Thank You for making it a mitzvah to love You!!- (That shows how much You love us because You want us to get tons of Mitzvot) I love You HaShem! Thank You for the precious Torah and for trusting us with it. Thank You HaShem for Mashiach and for letting Bnei Yisrael never lose hope that he will come. Please, please bring it now so that everyone can finally know the truth and only serve You and not all the sheker in this world. THank You HaShem for letting me hear, see, feel, smell and taste. Thank you for letting me do chessed and give to other people. Thank You for letting me smile. Thank You for Eretz Yisrael and for letting me go there. Thank You for Yerushalayim it’s really the best place in this world! Thank You for letting us have the Kotel and always protecting it for us. Thank You for letting everyone in Bnei Yisrael know if they’re Cohen, Levy, or Yisrael even after so many years in galut! Thank You for not making me a goy- really really thank You!  Thank You HaShem for letting me thank You.
  • Thank Hashem for a gift that we enjoyed and returned. It served as a great lesson to my family, and also the gift itself benefited and is on a positive journey.
  • Thank you H-shem for all my children, for my wife,for my mother, for my siblings for their children and for each and everyone of their health. Thank you for my own health.  Thank you for giving me the ability and the thoughts to appreciate it.  This is a constant thanks that even though it’s not verbalized it’s in the back of my mind.
  • Thank You HaShem for Shabbat finally coming and for giving it to us every week. I can’t even think of how our lives will be without Shabbat. Thank You for letting us pray to You anytime and for being full of kindness and only giving us good even though we don’t deserve it even a bit (I for sure don’t). Thank You for every tiny and huge thing, because we can’t do a single thing without You! I really really love You HaShem!!  Thank You H-shem for having a place “Thank you H-shem Website” to put these thoughts in writing where a lot of people can show their thanks.
  • Thank you Hashem for my new grandson!!!thank you for a healthy baby and healthy mommy
  • Thank you Hashem for blessing me and my family with a beautiful baby boy!!  Was getting ready to leave the hospital with the baby, the nurse comes in the room at 10:00 am, and says we cant let you leave yet the baby’s temperature is cold we will monitor him for the next few hours and if he stays cold we will need to keep him for a few more days.  A few hours later at 1:15 the nurse comes back in and tells us his temperature did not change we are going to be taking his temp. 1 last time at 1:30 and if it does not go up to 97.7 we cant let him leave and he will have to go to the NICU to take blood work to see if he has any infections and we would need to thermo-regulate his temperature for a couple of days and this way hopefully you would be able to go home in 2-3 days with no problem. The nurse left the room I turned to my wife and said Hashem runs the world he does miracles every second of the day maybe he is giving us this minor bump in the road so we can pray to him… lets take these next 10 minutes and pray that everything will be fine. I opened my tikkun haklali read it then closed my eyes and prayed to Hashem… among my teffilot one of the things i asked Hashem was that when the nurse comes back into the room shes not only gna give us the good news that we can go home but its going to be like there was never even a issue and we would never even have to think about this again. After praying to Hashem I felt a sense of assurance and I KNEW Hashem was going to answer our teffilot.1:35 the nurse comes in with the baby and tells us ok well the babys temp was even better then we were hoping for your all set to go home! I looked at my wife we were both basically laughing, after seeing Hashem clearly answer our tiffilot. ends us the nurse said we want to keep him a extra hour just to make sure his temp will stay good… she comes back a hour later and guess what his temperature got even better!!! we went home shortly after that and baruch Hashem the baby is healthy and as cute as can be.There are honestly no words or emotions for me to properly thank Hashem for my new son and everything Hashem does for us on a daily basis. I LOVE YOU HASHEM!
  • Thank you Hashem for the love and support of our family and friends when an unexpected injury caused us to miss our flight and cancel our travel plans. We were overwhelmed not only with well-wishing calls and visits, but bouquets of flowers, candy platters, food and more food, and with everyones prayers for speedy recovery. We don’t understand why things happen but we are secure in the knowledge that everything happens for the best. A good part of that is the realization that we aren’t alone, and that so many others care enough to share our challenge and give so much physical and moral support. Travel can be rescheduled, but what can replace family and true friends who are there for you when you need them most.
  • Thank you Hashem for saving us from a major electric fire. We plugged in a heater last night and it started to give out a smoky smell, we thought that it was the heather but we realized that the smell is not going away. We called  an electrician to come check it out. Meanwhile, my wife went to that room to look for something and she saw smoke coming out from one of the plugs. She shot the fuse box right away in order to block the fire from spreading. I cannot imagine what would happen if this would happened during the night. Hashem is so kind, I can’t thank him enough.  On a different note, my wife and I are trying to be ready for Shabbos at least 10 minutes before the Zman of light candles. We truly believe that Shabbos saved us from a huge damages or even worst than that. Thank you Hashem for keeping us safe all the time. הנה לא ינום ולא יישן שומר ישראל
  • Dear Hashem                                                                                                                                thanks for balancing the checking account this month. i am still amazed at how you did it.Thanks
  • Thank you Hashem for so much beauty in this world!!! Thank you Hashem for bringing me to and from my travel destinations safely and for making the experience so wonderful. Thank you Hashem for AIRPLANES!!! No explanation in this world can justify the miracle. Although science may have a very logical explanation for it, it will always remain miraculous to me!!!!

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