Thank You Hashem – Week 174

  • Thank you Hashem for challenging times- they are perfect opportunities to show true authenticity!
  • From the archives… Thank you Hashem that I got married this past Sunday night to the most wonderful wife! My story of meeting Audrey is purely from the Shamayim. my cousin gave me Audrey’s phone number saying to call her up for a date. my response was that I know Audrey ,,,I’m not interested  ,,,, she’s not for me …. Something a regular guy would say about being set up. My friend Raymond’s mother in law approached me about Audrey around the same time (she and my cousin have no connection) and I gave her the same response. Soon after — I went out with another girl where our first and only date was a total disaster. It was really a bad night for me  ….When I get home, I say to myself  — what have I got to loose, its only a date. Let me call Audrey and be open minded. When I reach for her number to call ,,, we have a great conversation on the phone and I ask if she still lives in the city  … she tells me that she never lived in the city and that she’s lives in Brooklyn.We made plans for Thursday night…. I go ring the door bell and introduce myself to her father. All of a sudden….some girl who I never saw before in my life comes running out of the kitchen !!!!!!!It was a totally different girl who I thought I was picking up. A totally different girl than the one I said is not for me!This was all from Hashem!!I know everyone in this community and I never saw this girl before in my life…..It turned out I was pleasantly surprised that night and we continued dating until we got engaged in May. Hashem made two people approach me about Audrey, he sent me on a bad date so that I could learn to take more risks and he led me to my future wife. I am living proof of you never know give it a shot and let Hashem take care of everything else! Thank you Hashem for guiding me to my wife! Douglas Abade                                                                                                      …FAST FORWARD TO TODAY—Baruch Hashem my friend Douglas just had his 2nd BABY GIRL! Mabrook! Hashem is great.
  • Thank u Hashem for giving me the strength to go through my week. Things can be hard , but knowing it’s coming from u and it’s all for my best gives me reassurance that you’re taking care of me
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me receive tremendous nachat from my children
  • Thankful for intuition – Hashem’s radar
  • I had to call a customer telling him I made a mistake on an order he already has in his possession and the price is going to be several hundred dollars more than anticipated. I was thinking what and how to tell him. I prayed to Hashem and said just pick up the phone and say the truth like it is no big deal. Baruch Hashem he said no problem, he will pay it. Thank you Hashem
  • A couple of unexpected bills just popped up. I needed to come up with some extra money. The next day someone comes over to me and apologizes for being so late. I didn’t know what he was referring to. He then hands me money that he owed me that I had forgotten about. Thank you Hashem for the perfect timing.
  • Thank you Hashem for Rabbi Elbaz and the energy he brings to his inspiring Torah Shows.
  • Baby girl- mazal tov
  • My phone line was ringing. It was a customer that already had his order fulfilled and I figured he just had some sort of questions about it. Wasn’t in the mood but took the call. Turns out he is opening another location and just doubled his order. Thank you Hashem
  • its a BOY- mabrook to all
  • Had a Bar Misvah, an engagement and 2 brisses this week Baruch Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for the Simcha you sent to me at the perfect time.
  • I was about to lease a car from a dealer but got a little busy at work and did not have the time to complete it. It’s a good thing I did, he called me 1 week later with a special they were running on the exact car and I saved a substantial amount of money. Thank you Hashem for putting the idea in my head to wait.
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me a misvah dioraita-from the Torah. It lead me straight into a 2nd misva dioraita proving that one misva leads to another misva. Thank you Hashem I am very grateful for these opportunities.
  • Thank you Hashem for the excitement that is in the air as we approach Chanukah!
  • Bar misvah this shabbat- Thank you Hashem.

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