Thank You Hashem – Week 175

  • From Mitzvah Man – I posted on our facebook account that we were having a Chanukah Party for senior citizens. I asked for volunteers to donate money for some gifts for the senior citizens, like gloves, scarfs etc… I got a response right away from someone saying here is my credit card please charge me $100 and get some gifts for the senior citizens. The next day I post a message that we have 2 autistic children that have never been to a Basketball game and if someone would like to donate 2 Knick tickets please reply. The same guy replies right away and says, here is my credit card number go and get any seats that you like. He continues and tells me, I am a chiropractor and I have been having a very hard time with the insurance companies getting paid. I have been doing a lot of work and not seeing any payments. This problem has been very difficult and has been going on for months already. Yesterday as soon as I replied to you to get the gifts for the senior citizens, the very next email I opened up was from the insurance company saying they are sending me a check for $150,000! . He continues and says, Hashem is great and WANTS to give us, he sometimes waits for us to take the first step.  Happy Chanukah
  • Wedding last night and Bris the next morning. Mabruk.
  • Thank you Hashem for the beautiful hag of hanuka and all that it symbolizes. Thank you for always being with us, helping us and protecting us. Thank you hashem for my wedding anniversary. Having my husband and family each day is a beracha that I cannot thank you enough for!
  • Thank You H-shem for giving us the holiday of Hanukkah were we sit around with our families lighting the candles admiring and praising You for saving us from the Greeks against all odds and for saving us time after time from Esav up to today.  Also gives us time to reflect upon the millions of miracles that happen to us everyday. Hanukkah its a “Thanksgiving” holiday Thank you for enjoying it together with the family, having a roof over our head comfortably.
  • Thank you Hashem that I was able to help out a family that was going to be without their father for an extended amount of time.
  • Thank YOU Hashem for a safe trip with my family
  • Thank you Hashem for this beautiful holiday of lights!
  • I got a big paper cut during work then it became freezing so I put on a sweater and even gloves. A little after I put on the gloves I was taking a big pile of papers and somehow it went against my finger AGAIN. If I wasn’t wearing gloves I would’ve gotten a HUGE cut. THANK YOU HASHEM for letting it be freezing and for making me wear gloves and letting me get one cut for kappara.
  • Wow , had a very hectic schedule at work today and needed to leave early. One of the things on my list just took care of itself on its own. I had to call and put in an order for a customer that I had on hold waiting to ship out today. I get an email from the distributor with a confirmation for the order and shipping confirmation. Thank you Hashem.
  • A chanukah miracle and miracles surround us all the time. I was at a certain super market. I was very short on money at the time and struggling. All of a sudden I get a text from a friend who knew my situation. He tells me that he has a credit that I can use on his account at the super market in case I am short on money right now. To please just go to the register and give his telephone number. I say wow I am in the supermarket right now thinking what to do and you send me this thoughtful and caring  text. I say ok and ask which supermarket I should go to. He replies and it is the exact store that I am standing in!. Thank you Hashem for making this special bond between our people. The outside world can not understand it. The great thing is, is that this friend knows I would do the same thing for him and Have done it for several others. Thank you to this friend and most of all to you Hashem.

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