Thank You Hashem – Week 181

Thank you Hashem for all the wonderful things in this world! I love you Hashem!!-Thank you Hashem! for my life, my parents & in-laws, my wife & kids, and everything I have in my life. Last week, I took my family to the shoe store. After being in the store for a few minutes, we noticed that we left our toddler in the car. I ran to the car, which was not locked, and Boruch Hashem he was still there, and was ok. He was just crying because he wanted me to take him out, ‘and I wasn’t coming.’ Thank you Hashem for saving him from any harm. + saving me from lots of legal trouble.

-Thank You Hashem:

A few nights ago, at a Pidyon Haben, my son ate something that he was allergic to. He immediately started feeling sick, and threw-up a bunch of times. Then went to sleep, woke up at some point during the night to vomit again, took care of himself, went back to sleep, and woke up in the morning feeling perfectly fine.

Thank You so much for sparing us any serious reaction! We love You, Hashem!


-This is the second time this happened. Someone has done a nice chesed for me in secret. I have no idea who it is. Thank you to this person and Thank you Hashem.


-Had a bill to pay someone who has done some work for me. Baruch Hashem I remembered that I gave him a 500 dollar deposit a very long time ago. He did not have it deducted from the bill. I only caught it because Hashem made me look for something else and had me see the payment at the same time. Thank you Hashem.


-Thank you Hashem for the free hotel room that I was able to take my family away too.


-Thank you Hashem for the fabulous people you have sent to assist me with something that has come up. Your nation, Our Nation is so unbelievable!!.


-THREE of my friends had grand children this week- thank you Hashem


  • Had a discrepancy over small amount of money in a store. I said to myself, even though you are right, don’t argue. Take it from the shalom money that Hashem returns to you and just pay the person. Thank you Hashem for this fund.

  • Thank you Hashem for our wonderful experience in Eretz Yisrael last week. I rented a sim card and before I went my nephew called me and told me he has an extra sim card also so I took it just in case. When I landed I tried the card i rented but it didn’t work (guy claims it never happens)… Baruch Hashem I just slipped in the other one and it was fine.

  • I went into a shul this morning and was extremely excited and emotional of the site I saw. I saw a friend from way back in high school sitting in a class with a Rav holding a Gemara in front of him. I asked and found out that he is part of this class every morning! I flashed back to when we were kids and thought to myself, who would ever have thought that this person would end up learning Torah in a class every morning. I thought this about myself as well and want to thank Hashem for letting me see this and appreciate how we have grown. Thank you Hashem.

-Made a great business connection that can be helpful.Thank you Hashem for sending it to me.

  • Thank you Hashem. An order I was working on over 3 years ago has come back to life. This happened because I was trying to do a chesed for someone that works at this company. While he was involved in what I was helping him with he came across a new person in the company that handles what I was selling. He mentioned me to him and he said ok to take the next step with me. I believe it has something to do with me trying to help this person that Hashem actually made it that he was able to help me right back. Thank you Hashem.

-(from the archives).. -A man who lives in Miami told me that for the last two years he’s been learning at night with a neurologist, and last week this neurologist’s mentioned his daughter had suffered daughter suffered a brain aneurism, a few years Back, לא עלינו. Baruch Hashem, she is now healthy, but the doctor was telling his study partner about the incident. The man asked him to describe the symptoms of a brain aneurism, and the doctor began explaining the symptoms with complex medical terminology. “Just tell it to me in plain English,” the man said. The doctor said, “Basically, it feels like the worst headache you ever had in your life.” This man then flew to New Jersey for the weekend to attend a family bar mitzvah, and ate the Shabbat meal with his in-laws. Toward the end of the meal, he noticed that his brother-in-law was not in the room. He asked what happened, and he was told that his brother-in-law didn’t feel well and went to lie down. Sometime later, when the brother-in-law didn’t return, he grew concerned and went to see what the problem was. “I’m having a terrible migraine,” the brother-in-law said. The man asked him to describe the pain, and the brother-in-law said, “It’s the worst headache I ever had in my life.” The man rushed to his other family members and told them to call Hatzalah. “What, Hatzalah?!” they said. “On Shabbat?! For a headache?!” “Trust me,” the man said. “This is very serious.” They called Hatzalah, and as the patient was talking with the paramedics he suddenly became paralyzed in half his body. The paramedics gave him oxygen and did whatever they could to help. They then rushed him to the hospital, where he took a turn for the worse. He had to be taken by helicopter to another hospital which was capable of treating his condition. The Hatzalah volunteer told him that if the paramedics weren’t there at the time this happened, he would not have survived. The “Guardian of Israel” was watching, and He sent a messenger from 1,000 miles away in Miami who was equipped with the knowledge of what to do at the right time. We need to thank Hashem at all times for guarding and protecting us, and especially for preserving our lives all day, every day.

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