Thank You Hashem – Week 190

  • Thank you Hashem for the wonderful gift that I just received from my father. Greater than the gift itself was seeing how happy my father was to give it to me. I truly believe he was happier to give it, than I was to receive it. Hashem should bless both my parents with wonderful health and happiness for many many years.
  • Our 8th Grade class of Magen David 1967 (Yes 1967!) had its 50 Year reunion last week. (If not for a shiva and an illness EVERYONE in the class attended) Imagine a banquet room full of ‘kids’ over 63 years old reminiscing and telling school stories from so long ago like it was yesterday! It was an amazing night of joy, uncontrolled laughter, and happy tears – WHAT A BERACHA that this special group of classmates have stayed close for so long. Each classmate recorded a video which was played at the event with a collection of old photos, memorabilia, and nostalgia. THANK YOU HASHEM FOR THIS WONDERFUL BLESSING
  • I completed a vacation rental and the website kept emailing me to send in a review. Apartment was great but the way the owner handled an issue we had didn’t sit good with me so I said to myself don’t shamble the guy better to say nothing. They kept pushing for a review over and over so I said I will take the high road and leave him a review without mentioning the issue and give him a positive review. Believe it or not he actually responded negatively towards me and had the nerve to insult me. This bothered me very much. At first sometimes things seem bad but Hashem is always in control. Only because of his negative reply to me did I remind him of our situation that he didn’t handle properly. He then responded with lies about how he did take care of it. At that point I sent it in as a complaint to the site with all the clear proofs for them to see in our messages while I was at the apartment so there was no hiding for this guy. All the messages have times and dates so they can see clearly that the issue was not taken care of like he claimed. Because of his negative reply I was refunded 350 dollars. Thank you Hashem. Lesson, always try to speak positively; his negative view costed him $350.
  • Both of my children’s birthdays this week! Thank you Hashem for healthy children that bring us so much nachat!
  • Thank You Hashem that my dear friend has a treatable condition. And for giving myself, and husband insight to slow down, and take it easy this year.
  • Thank You HaShem for letting me thank You even though its only a tiny drop compared to what You give me… I could never thank You enough!’
  • I sold something that I had in my house‎ on amazon. I went to get the item to ship it to the customer but it was the wrong color then what I had listed on amazon. I was a little frustrated because now I have to contact the buyer to see if he wants to switch or cancel his order which can hurt my seller ratings. I said ill do it tomorrow. Later that day I get a message from the customer that he was looking at the item that he purchased and he decided that he doesn’t like the color that he chose, if there’s any chance to switch the color to an ivory color. This was exactly the color that I had in my house!! Now I’ve sold many items on amazon before and NEVER did a buyer ask to switch the color of his purchase until now! Clearly yad Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for helping us get through all the cleaning and all the bills for the holiday. We couldn’t do it without your help’  
  • Thank you Hashem for always being there for us. Holidays right around the corner and b”h how it all comes together. While we worry how we will get everything done or how we will pay for everything. Hashem as it all figured out and the plan is in motion. It’s amazing to see how every little detail is cared for. Amazing 
  • Thank you Hashem for helping my brother so he can make it and come to us for pesach. Looking forward. Thank you for everything Hashem.
  • I needed to call a person regarding a needed repair early in the evening. He is a not so religious type of great guy. The next morning he followed up with me and told me that the first thing he did when he woke up today was to try and take care of my problem. I told him that the first thing a person should do everyday when he wakes up, is thank HASHEM that he woke up today. Not everybody woke up today and we should be grateful and thank Hashem that he is alive and able to live another day. We then had a nice talk about the tefila of Modeh Ani. He then tells me of a co-worker of his that was 62 years old, strong and in great health, that traveled to see his daughter in Florida. He said his friend went to the chair and dozed off to take a nap and never woke up-lo aleinu. He started giving me a shmuz about appreciating waking up and appreciating life. Thank you Hashem for this talk with this man. I think we both benefited greatly from it.

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