Thank You Hashem – Week 191

  • Thank You H-shem for Pesach where we appreciate how You take care of us everyday through miracles “nature” that You control. Thank You for giving us such beautiful weather during Yom Tov and Hol Hamoed to enjoy Your world with the family. Pesach is the holiday of Thankfullnes. Thank You for giving us the understanding to know that everything is You and You are everywhere and in everything. We pray to You to make this knowledge be known to all the Jewish People and to all the people in the world.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me and my family quality time together. Chag was so nice and full of mitzvot so we can get closer to you. Thank you for our freedom. Proud to be a Jew.
  • THANK YOU HASHEM for making me find the cutest apartment where I wanted with the cutest neighbors and landlords and conveniences I need, plus much extra room for guests, which I didn’t dare hope for..
  • Thank You for making me feel so good, for a great Chag and Family, for appreciation and things working out.. Thank you for love and light, for teaching me that this moment is the only one which matters, thus there are no real problems which I cannot either deal with or accept in this moment – i/e there are no “problems” at all.. Thank you for choosing us to be your nation and making me a part of it, for loving us so much and giving us the Chagim to raise us.. for being Pose’ach on our defilements and raise us at once by shortcut out of love to the greatest hights on Pesach – without taking our original level into consideration.. I love You!!
  • Thank You Hashem for this Simcha Thank You’s which are a great reminder to thank You!
  • Not judging anyone who travels and went away for Pesach, everyone has their own individual needs and should do what’s best. I just want to say, if it was free to go away on any of these exotic pesach trips and it costed thousands to stay at home at my dining room table having a seder with my family- I would gladly pay the thousands for these priceless moments. Thank you Hashem for the special chag enjoyed together with my beautiful family.
  • I was away out of town and decided I needed to extend the trip and stay an extra day or two. I called the airline to make the change and was expecting to get hit with hefty change charges and penalties. I was shocked to hear that I was actually getting a refund of 100 dollars. The penalty was applied and then the new airfare. The new airfare was on special and I made money on this change of plans, a very rare occurrence. Thank you HASHEM
  • My son ate something he was allergic to, BH without any major allergic reaction. Thank you Hashem, and Thank You Hashem for me not being allergic. I was able to eat whatever I wanted without any reaction.
  • Thank u Hashem for giving us such a beautiful holiday. And perfect weather . We couldn’t have asked for more !
  • So much to be grateful for – and what a better time than the Chag of Pesach to help us realize how much we have to be grateful for!!!! Thank you Hashem for a joy-filled and beautiful Chag! Don’t even know where to begin! Thank you Hashem for saving my sisters from danger this afternoon. Thank you Hashem for an inspiring speaker that I listened to the other night. It was just what I needed to hear! 🙂
  • So much to Thank Hashem for over the Holidays. B”H had a wonderful time with the family & were able to spend quality time. & amazing weather as well. Thank You Hashem!!
  • Thank you Hashem for making the hectic preparations for the seder all come together so nicely. Such a great holiday to enjoy celebrating your greatness. A celebration of our freedom to serve and come close to you Hashem.

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