Thank You Hashem – Week 192

  • The day after Pesah my family and I went to Costco to stock up on Hames. Afterwards we all were unloading our load into the back of our minivan when the car directly opposite us starting backing up and suddenly starting speeding right into us!!! My entire family was in his path when he finally short stopped less then 5 feet away from us. I can’t thank Hashem enough for protecting us from any harm… All of our lives are indebted to You Hashem!
  • Today our housekeeper switched jobs and we are being challenged. Thank you Hashem who is always so kind that she left this week – after Pesach and not before…. and we trust that Hashem has only the best in mind for us and will help us find a suitable replacement. I love you Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me my beautiful healthy children !
  • Wow! What a week it has been!! Engagement party Sunday night, wedding of good friend’s daughter Monday night, wedding of niece Tuesday night & Sheva brochos Wednesday night! Wedding of a friend’s daughter Thursday night. All that is on top of all the other brochos Hashem showers upon us. Including 2 days of Rosh Chodesh!! Thank You Hashem for everything!!!
  • Thank you hashem for always showing us Chesed. What an amazing feeling knowing that the king of kings is taking care of my family and all of klal yisrael.
  • Thank You HaShem for letting me be part of Bnei Yisrael the best people on earth… it’s the biggest zechut ever I could never thank You ​enough!!
  • My wife was cooking for Pesach, and as she was about to add an ingredient on to her roast, she double checked the product (as she always does) and it stated “may contain wheat or soy” so she examined the product further and realized that it was not kosher for Pesach. This item was purchased at a “Passover store” where all the items was supposed to be kosher for Pesach! We called up the store and they said they were aware of the problem and removed the product from the store. I began to wonder how many people may have bought this product, and didn’t feel the store was taking the necessary steps to inform the customers of the error, so I decided to send out a group text to my Shul list. And lo & behold someone responded that they cooked the food with this product and thanked us for the text before he would have eaten these foods on Pesach! Thank you Hashem from saving us from eating this non Pesach item. Thank you for saving us from not ruining our very large roast. Thank you Hashem for helping us prevent others from eating non kosher for Pesach food.
  • Thank You Hashem for putting the beautiful ideas and words of divrei Torah into my mouth when I was called upon to speak.
  • Thought I had a major issue ahead of me with a broken printer. For some reason I decided to try and change the toner and see what happens and it suddenly came back to life. Even though it was printing fine earlier and not in need of a toner change. Thank you Hashem for making it so simple.
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me an order from such an unlikely place.
  • I love the world .
  • Thank you Hashem that I was able to be a good listening ear for someone who needed someone to talk to.
  • My father inlaw was at Shop and Stop and saw a wagon in the lot that had a pocket book in it. He went and took it so he can find the owner. He opens it up and finds the persons name and searches and sees the person lives a few block away from him. My wife calls up the person ad it is an elder lady. My wife tells her that her father found a pocket book. The older woman starts crying and tells her that she is on the other phone with the police, she is panicking that she has all her credit cards and the like in there and did not know where to start or what to do. My wife gave her the address to come and pick it up. She pulls up with a police car behind her. My father inlaw goes outside and returns the pocket book. The woman is crying and can’t stop thanking him. The police tell my father inlaw there should be more people like you, this is unheard of. They are not used to people returning items like this I guess. This was a great kidush Hashem. The woman tried to give my father inlaw a reward but he refused. Kidush Hashem is priceless. Thank you Hashem
  • I had to call a customer with a question. He also happened to have an outstanding invoice but I didn’t want to mention it at this time. On his own he says by the way I have the check for you do you want me to mail it? Thank you Hashem.
  • (from the archives)  Rabbi Greenfeld told us at the first day in Yeshiva in Lakewood where he is principal, a father came over to him and told him he gets a mazel tov and he wants to tell him about it, he cleared time and went over to the father and the father says I get a mazel tov we had a baby girl..he tells him that 17 months ago my wife found out she was a match for a liver to donate and she went ahead and did the liver donation, at the hospital the doctors told her she can not have children for 6 months after the procedure, she sighed and said I haven’t been able to have children for the past 11 years!!! 15 months later she is holding a baby girl!! Hashem says you

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