Thank You Hashem – Week 193

There is a Midrash that relates :

Two men  met a poor blind man who needed help.

One of the men gave him Tzedakah and the other didn’t.

Later, they met the Angel of Death who told them that their time in this world had expired, but the one who gave Tzedakah

would have years added to his life.

The other man said, “Please, let me have another opportunity

to give Tzedakah.” But the angel said, “it’s too late.”

The man said, “Okay, but before you take my soul, allow me one last opportunity in this world to thank Hashem for all that he did for me.

When the Angel of Death heard those words, he said,

“I no longer have permission to take you.”


  • I know I’m late but better later then never. Thank you Hashem for giving us a beautiful yom tov like Pesach. A time when we can pause for a moment and realize how fortunate we are to be your children. Thank you Hashem that yom tov went through so nicely and so enjoyable.
  • Thank you Hashem for saving my father from a serious cardiac arrest situation. He woke up with terrible pain and started to loose his breath. Hatzolah came right over and literally saved his live with Hashems help. We should also be thankful to Hashem for giving us such a wonderful organization like Hatzolah and we should also appreciate their members for taking away from their busy time to help people at no charge whatsoever
  • So many things to be thankful for every minute of every day it’s hard to choose! Thank you Hashem for protecting us when we switched lanes without realizing there was a car in the blind spot in the next lane. B’h my husband caught himself at the last minute and no one got hurt.
  • I was about to purchase a gift certificate for a gift for someone at a certain store. For some reason I changed my mind about it and got something else. Whenever I drive by the store I always think to myself why didn’t I get the certificate it would have been a great gift. Today I drove by and saw that the store has closed down. I would have lost all the money. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank You Hashem for giving us challenges with which to raise ourselves..! if not for them – how would we grow? We would sleep all of our lives and wake up in the next world with little.. chas veshalom! As R’ Ezriel Tauber pointed out – he teaches people of all different groups with hardships, such as widows, spinsters, childless – and they are finally sitting in his speeches – at first they are angry about their situation but as the time goes on and they’ve been to enough lessons on real Emuna as every Jew is obligated to learn – they become amazing, happy humans. And he says – if not for the difficulty – would they have even gone to these classes? They would go on with their lives as they were.. Thank You for the real mercy you show! That the whole world is light and we have the game to find it beyond our own shadows.. Thank you for waking me this morning and believing in me that I can pass everything in life  and with happiness!!
  • Thank you Hashem for guiding me in the right direction in some decisions I needed to make.
  • Bought a home warranty plan last fall. Had an issue before Pesach with my double wall oven that bottom oven errored out on self clean mode before completing. Ordered service thru the warranty plan & it turns out that it needed a new fan, which GE doesn’t produce any more because it is a 16 year old model. So warranty company just replaced my old oven with a brand new one! & because the new model is under manufacturer warranty for a year, my monthly premiums are going down for a year until they need to cover it again!!! Thank You Hashem for such an amazing deal!( On a side note, if anyone wants to look into getting such a warranty plan, if you use the following link & sign up, we both get a $25 gift card to Amazon. I am very happy with the service & it is a great value for anyone that has aging appliances) (would not recommend it for people who have relatively new appliances, as premiums might cost more than repairs).
  • How amazing it is to be Hashem’s children. Everyday in this world is a gift and everything Hashem created was for our benefit. The more I think about it the more I realize how many miracles surround us everyday. Thank you Hashem for everything I’m so great full.
  • Thank you Hashem for the beautiful note my daughter left for me in work.
  • Somebody in a class last night mentioned how terrible he felt when someone failed to give him a nice greeting, or any greeting at all for that matter. I want to thank Hashem for the most pleasant wonderful words that a person said to me today. It really gave me a lift to hear such nice words. Right after this conversation I get out of my car and bump into someone I did not see in a very very long time that lives in Monsey. I was able to react and give him a special warm greeting, he actually grabbed me and hugged in the middle of the street after my greeting to him. My reward for this misvah was another misvah. He mentioned to me about a family that he was trying to help out and I was able to participate in this misvah. We should all recognize the power and importance of a kind nice greeting to someone and the importance of a kind nice word to someone especially during the days of the Omer.

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