October 19th, 2020

We went to this beautiful State Park yesterday to enjoy HaShem’s Creation with friends and my son lost the case charger of his earbuds which is a little bit pricey for us.
He was playing with his friends in the sand while he had it in his pocket so he thought he must’ve lost it in the sand and since the case was white as the sand it made it even harder or impossible to find.
I asked my son to read the Tefilas Todah but he told it was fine that he could buy another one but I told him he had no money for it and I could not afford to buy it either so I told him I was going to say the Tefila and started looking for it along with my friends and I told everyone that by thanking HaShem we were going to find it. It did not pass even 10 minutes after I told them that and right after I finished saying the prayer, guess what!
I found the charger case sitting on one of the picnic tables that was near of where he was playing.
My son got amazed and all my friends too. And the best part is that I could only say a small portion of the Tefila because I didn’t have my phone with me and have not memorized it all, so only by saying a small portion of it HaShem still did the miracle and helped us find this little device.
Thank you HaShem for taking care of our “small”things but that mean a lot for us and our loved ones. B’H

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