A miracle we have been praying for

November 4th, 2020

This miracle we’ve been praying about for 20+ years was finally almost fulfilled and we thanked HaShem publicly in advance because part of it, probably the most difficult part got fulfilled a month ago but the final result has not yet. We were 100% that it was done already but my husband received a letter saying that his request was not granted unless he would provide some paperwork and maybe after that they could consider their decision. We could not provide them with the documents they asked for because there is no way for my husband to get those since his status would not allow him to get these and the people asking for them know it so we replied back to them explaining why it is impossible for him to provide these documents.
during Shabbos I felt in my heart that we needed to recite the Thank you HaShem prayer three times with an open heart and we both recited together out loud.
I’ll thank in public and donate to this wonderful group if the decision comes positive and my husband can get this very important document granted.

We know this is something impossible humanly speaking but G-d of Yisroel is the G-d of the impossible!!!! B’H