A Second Sefer Torah for the “Crown in lieu of Corona” campaign.

April 6th, 2020

Due to the overwhelming response to our first campaign to write a Sefer Torah as protection against the terrible Coronavirus, we have had to add a second Sefer to accommodate all the requests for sponsorship. The popular campaign, which started at the beginning of the pandemic, quickly gained traction as people saw open miracles after participating in the Sefer’s writing. Sponsorship opportunities for the first Sefer Torah were filled rapidly, and the need for a second Sefer became apparent.

As promised by the holy Besh” t as soon as we started the “Crown in Lieu of Corona” Campaign, the situation continued improving. The organizers saw the undertaking of a second Sefer as a simple need, and with thanks to Hashem, the conditions around Covid-19 keeps on getting better day by day.

We look forward to celebrating the completion of the two Sifrai Torah sometime in the next year.

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