I was speaking with my friend Max and we were talking about all the unfortunate sad news we hear about via email and our kosher magazines and newspapers (can be very depressing) Between the teenager in Chicago to the 22 month old baby rachmana vislan..it gets very difficult to function sometimes. I agree that most of time we do need to hear the information so we can pray and do what we can to help the person in need. But it seems all we hear about is the negative in the emails and news articles, today it is so easy to find every tragedy and occurance out right on our belt clips and Hashem can get looked at chas vishalom as if all he wants to do is beat us over the head at every oppurtunity when in fact it is the opposite. Hashem loves us and wants to do good for us.
I want to make a new weekly email (or maybe put it in subject area of parasha email) calling it SIMCHA (my original dream a year ago when seeing all the magazines negative outlook was to make a magazine called simcha but we will start with this lol…).
Whoever would like can email me something possitive that Hashem has done for you or whomever, it can be anything, nothing is too big or too small, an engagemant, a safe trip to work, a sale you made, a family simcha, a story you heard, a miracle, an everyday occurance- ANYTHING. We need to thank Hashem and PUBLICIZE THE GOOD! Not only the sorrows and maybe we will recognize that the good far outweighs the what we percieve as not good.
A couple of summers ago there was an incident with a school bus that everyone was talking about, that week I heard Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen get up and say that he called up several bus companys and found out that 667 buses safely brought our jewish children to camp/school and home safely. His message was clear- we must focus on the good and Thank Hashem for the good.
I think this can be a great kidush Hashem and would make Hashem Happy seeing us publicize his greatness and not just the sad times.
(another rav said the 3 weeks is a great time to appreciate things we take for granted and thank Hashem for them now like a hot shower or a freshly laundered shirt or a meat meal…)
Hashem is wonderful and kind and LOVES US.
Lets publicize all the great he does for us.
Email RAYNGR@AOL.COM and I will copy and paste whatever is sent and then send out to the list all together. If you like fwd to your lists and make it even larger kidush Hashem.
Hashem should bless everyone with everything wonderful!

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