About ThankYouHashem

Dovid Hamelech says in Tehilim (105:1) “Give thanks to the Hashem, proclaim his name; make known among the nations the wonders he has done “. There are many verses in Tehilim which speak about thanking as a means of prayer. According to the Zohar and many other sources, we have a solemn duty to spread Hashem’s name and proclaim to the world about his miraculous ways. (Zohar)

We, therefore, founded the “Thank You Hashem” movement several years ago with a handful of people who took upon themselves this mission to Thank Hashem wherever they are whenever they can, for whatever reason they can think of, for the good as well as for the seemingly bad, as the Mishna says in Brachos (9:5) A person is obligated to bless on the bad just as he blesses on the good.

When one chooses to live their life in such a grateful fashion, it results in a powerful strengthening of Emunah, which then opens up the floodgates of Brachos and Yeshuos.

The logic behind it is as follows, When Hashem sees that a person is grateful in every situation (even those that are apparently bad) Hashem says, “If you think this is a reason to be thankful for, let me show you the real definition of good, so you can thank me even more”! Which then causes a chain reaction and a domino effect of greater channels supplying us with an abundance of miracles for himself and all of mankind.

Our grassroots movement has since grown into a massive group of thousands of thankful individuals who constantly find reasons to thank Hashem, we stay connected and motivated through various platforms where our members can share their own stories of amazing yeshuos which resulted from thanking Hashem, and they can get inspired by reading the stories of others.

The power of thanking Hashem is so great, that it transforms a person’s entire attitude into a positive one. This notion has already changed thousands of lives for the better.

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