After thanking hashem I reminded myself my phone password

August 26th, 2020

I am IMY”H flying out of the country tomorrow, I decided to put a passcode on my phone, so I put in my new passcode twice as it required.

I locked the screen and turned it on to test it and it said wrong passcode, I tried a bunch of times until it said “disabled retry in five minutes”, after five minutes I tried another passcode which I thought I put in and it said again disabled retry in 15 minutes. This went on until it said you have one more try, I called Apple support and they said I will have to restore my phone and lose all my pictures and everything ect.

I looked at my wallpaper👆 which remind me to say Thank You Hashem for all the times that it worked, and for everything else you did for me!

I terrifyingly put in my last try and miraculously it was the passcode!!!
He’s always there for me!! THANK YOU HASHEM!

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