After thanking hashem my pain was gone

January 3rd, 2021

In the winter I get such bad cuts on the tip of my fingers and on my hands.
it’s quiet painful. If anyone had it understands.

shabbas at night I couldn’t fall asleep. I was in such pain. I squeezed some cream in a glove and put it on but still my pain didn’t go away.

it came to a point that I realized I didn’t thank hashem or ask hashem to take away this pain.

I went back into bed and started thanking hashem for all the times I didn’t have those cuts. And for all the times when I did have those cuts and it wasn’t so painful. I didn’t stop thanking hashem till I fell asleep.

now motzei shabbas I realised that all day I wasn’t in pain.
and I wanna thank hashem now In public that I didn’t have any pain today and I had such a good night sleep. And my cuts didn’t hurt my at night.


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