After thanking Hashem my phone was found

September 21st, 2020

It was erev yom tov and I was in a crazy rush to complete yom tov shopping.
On a usual day I say kapitle 100, 52 times. But on Thursday I was in such a rush and it slipped my mind. I was searching for a specific item and couldn’t find it.
I was frustrated and went to pay at a self check out, in my hurry i dropped my phone on the counter and left it there.
When I reached my car I suddenly realized that my phone is missing. So in i went back to the counter where I dropped it, but my phone wasn’t there. The workers at self check out called the manager who told me I can fill out a form description of my phone and they will let me know if someone found it. Great!
Its erev yom tov and I have so much to do plus I need my phone, which buying a new one erev yom tov wasn’t on my list! So I started saying mizmor lesoda thanking Hashem for all the days that I do have my phone. When I completed this kapitel for the third time someone walked into the store holding my phone asking security if someone lost it!
And now I thank Hashem in public for this open miracle and thank you for returning my phone !

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