Bh I’m in a yeshiva

October 18th, 2020

I would like to share a story with you thst has been going on for 3 yrs and now it’s finally over..
Please read

I’m 17 yrs old and when I was 14 I was in a highschool that i did not want to be in but unfortunately I had to since the yeshivas I wanted to go to didn’t accept me..

And even though I had fun in my highschool I still knew that I wasn’t supposed to be here and that I wanted to be in a yeshivah where the students wanted to learn seriously..

And since I live in New York I need to take certain state tests so that I’m able to graduate and the prob was that it was very hard for me and so when u was in 9th grade I took one test (out of 5) and baruch hashem I passed it then in 10th grade I took 2 tests and only failed one of them and was very sad and upset b/c I prayed to hashem that if he let’s me pass all my regents I’ll be able to go to a good yeshivah but now I need to retake it next year when I’m in 11th grade which is my last year (they had no 12th) which was this year which means I was supposed to take 3 tests this year for which I was not prepared at all but b/c covid I passed all of my tests without lifting a pen..

So obviously now I’m super happy b/c I’m able to go to yeshivah and so now one of my friends suggested that I should go to his yeshivah and so I took the interview and the thing was,was that I got rejected and not only that but it was the last week of August when most yeshivas start..

So I was very sad and upset that I didn’t get accepted to the yeshivah my friend was in b/c I waited for 3 yrs to go to yeshivah but then my brother suggested thst I go to a certain yeshivah and baruch hashem I’m happy to say that not only am I happy for not being accepted to the yeshivah that my friend is in but the fact I’m accepted to a even better yeshivah which I’ll be starting this Monday..

And I just want to say thank you so much hashem for all that you’ve done to me and if you know anyone thats in similar position I was in send them this story b/c for 3 yrs i was in a place i didn’t want to be and not only that i still had to take those hard tests to graduate and not only that I was also rejected by the yeshivah I really wanted to go to but now I see it was all the kindness of hashem .. THANK YOU HASHEM!!!

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