Bh we closed on a new house

July 14th, 2020

*הודי לד כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו*
We closed on the house bezras Hashem. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Hashem for granting me this gift! There were many obstacles & each time it seemd that the deal will fall thru. But I was not lost. I kept on Thanking Hashem. I gave a substantial amount for the sefer Torah & didnt lose my hope & positive attitude.
Interestingly, a few days before closing, I had a medical procedure & donated $18 to TYH group for all to go smooth. Almost a week later, the admin called to ask if the charge went thru. I checked, it didn’t. I told the admin, add another $36- charge my card $54-
There was a last minute problem with the documents, but I kept on smiling & Thanking Hashem. Said Tfillas Toida & Mizmor Lsoidu multiple times daily. Sure enough all the papers were straightened out with mazel & brucha.
Thanking Hashem is the key to resolve all situations.
*ישתבח שמך לעד מלכינו*