BH we welcomed a new baby towards the end of January.

January 16th, 2019

This story has a lot of intricate details so I will keep it as short as possible. BH we welcomed a new baby towards the end of January. With a new baby comes newfound bracha into the family. Additionally a lot of new expenses come as well. Our first big expense was when there was a big misunderstanding and the baby was not going to be added onto the insurance policy that we had for the mother. After trying for many days and long hours to try to correct the misunderstanding it seemed like we hit a dead end and a brick wall and there was nothing left to do. Insurance was definitely not looking to be helpful at this point, there were huge bills that they would need to cover. As an afterthought they said that I can send an appeal letter, but really no point because there was nothing to do. Case closed. It looked like I would be the one who would have to negotiate tens of thousands of dollars with the hospital to pay off the bills.

I turned to Hashem and said if you work this out that “somehow” the baby can be added and covered I will post on the Thank you Hashem chat to thank you in front of so many who make it part of their lives to constantly look for opportunity to thank You.

I am happy to be here Thanking Hashem on this forum. When appeals called me they started by saying this is not an appeals issue. They informed me that they had listened to my phone conversations and that they were correct for not covering. “For some reason” they stuck in that there was one conversation that they did not review. I asked them to please review. 30 minutes later they called me back to tell me that they would be able to add the child onto the policy from the date of birth.

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