Thankful Thoughts
  • Thank you hashem no one in my family is sick Thank you hashem for a beautiful Chag Thank you hashem my family lives close to me Thank you hashem I’m able to stay home for chag Thank u hashem I have hired help Thank you hashem that $ isn’t a stress this chag Thank u hashem my babies usually sleep the night Thank you hashem for my generous in laws Thank u hashem for my healthy children Thank you hashem u gave me children Thank you hashem I have a husband Thank you hashem my five senses work Thank you hashem my husband is well Thank you he cares about minyan and Halacha Thank you hashem for my koach and health Thank you hashem I’m not itchy Thank you hashem that my baby eats well Thank you hashem I’m usually not in pain with her eating I’ll publicly post when this annoying pain passes and I’ll publicly post when she sleeps ok    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you hashem for not s/t happem to me I was davening that it shld be good and so far it’s good thank you!    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem in advance for my son to have a legal parking spot when he comes. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem in advance my son should be able to get the medication for his wife. Thanking Hashem in advance they should be able to reach the doctor. Thank you Hashem in advance the doctor should call in the medication to the pharmacy. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • I drove into NYC and my car inspection was expired thank you hashem that I didn’t got a ticket    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank You Hashem That Baruch HaShem me and my family had a beautiful wonderful Yom Tov till now Thank You Hashem In advance for a beautiful Yom Tov further bezras Hashem yisbarach Thank You Hashem that my family is gezunt in shtark Thank You Hashem That Baruch HaShem my stomach is great Thank You Hashem That Baruch HaShem my digestive system is great Thank You Hashem For everything that you give for me and my family Thank You Hashem Thank You Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem for my cleaning lady. Thank you Hashem she b”h showed up chasdei hashem. thank you Hashem for my family thank you Hashem for our health. thanking Hashem in advance for my family to have a simchas oneg Yom tov. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem my husband is waiting for his next by his appointmentm thanking Hashem in advance he should be called very soon. Thanking Hashem in advance it should not take long. Thanking Hashem in advance for my husband’s appointment to be with hatzlucha and siyata dishmaya. They should not ask any questions. Thanking Hashem in advance it should go by smoothly. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem my husband is at his appointment now. Thanking Hashem in advance it should go with hatzlucha and siyata dishmaya. Thanking Hashem in advance they should not give him a hard time. Thanking Hashem in advance they should not ask any questions. Every thing should go by bosholom iyh. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank u hashem my brother had a health baby Thank u hashem for my hired help ThNk u hashem my family is healthy Thank u hashem my baby seeps well Thank u hashem my toddler sleeps well Please help her adjust to new bed ok    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem my husband is going to take care of something today I’m thanking Hashem in advance he should have haztlucha and siyata dishmaya in whatever he is taking care of today. Thanking Hashem in advance they should not ask questions thanking Hashem in advance they should accept whatever he is returning and that should be good enough. Thank you Hashem my husband should have hatzlucha anf siyata dishmaya on his day today. Thank you Hashem. My husband should come and go gezunterheit. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem my young couple is coming for Yom tov. Thanking Hashem in advance it should be a beautiful Yom tov calm and relaxed . Thanking Hashem in advance for the meal to go by ruig my kids should behave I should not have to be embarrassed. Thank you Hashem for a calm relaxing beautiful Yom tov. Thanking hashem in advance for my husband to be calm and relaxed with my son the entire Yom tov. Thanking Hashem in advance everyone in my family should enjoy the Yom tov. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem for a beautiful morning. Thank you Hashem we woke up healthy. Thank you Hashem for a good night of rest. Thank you Hashem for my husband and beautiful children. Thank you Hashem for all u gave and give my family all day every singel day. Thank you Hashem for this beautiful platform where we can just plain thank you Hashem all day long every day. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem. I have been having alot of pain in my leg and foot for a fee weeks. Thank you Hashem that it’s much better. Still need a Refuah. Please Hashem. Thank you Hashem fire always taking care odd me. I love you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you hashem for a good night sleep.Thank you Hashem for waking up today.For another day of thanking HASHEM. Thank you for giving me all that I need. Thank you Hashem in advance for making my husband relaxed and calm and enjoy yom tov. I love u Hashem    ~~~!~~~


Client vs Landlord

I went through a tough few months now where my clients weren’t paying me on time and I fell back on paying my rent, my landlord just reminded me that my lease is up today and if I don’t pay up in full he will need me to move out. Thank You Hashem for always sending me...

Blank Screen

Yesterday I turned on my laptop and the screen was blank. I closed it and said thank You Hashem that I have a laptop and for all the times it works. Next time I opened it it worked just fine! Thank You 'ה!!


I said I would publicly thank hashem if my bankruptcy was not dismissed. I found out today from my lawyer that it was continued! Thank you hashem!!


It has been a long time, and I'm waiting to meet someone for business. He keeps pushing me off, or just not available. Today he left me a message that I can call him late afternoon, but most probably he won’t be available until the end of next week. I thanked Hashem...

Check Missing

Yesterday, I was looking for a check that I had placed in my shirt, and thought I lost it. I started thinking, “Thank you Hashem for all the times that I have no problem with my checks, and that I will Thank Hashem in public if I find it”. As I was going up to sleep,...

Vendor Gifts

I had some gifts to send away for a few of my venders for the Holiday. I missed the UPS driver for today, and it will not go out in time. I was thinking to go around, and try to see if I can find a UPS truck, and drop it off there. The whole time, I thanked Hashem for...


I was waiting for a commission check for a while. Today I decided to ask if they can lay it out, and promised to thank Hashem publicly if they will agree. And here I am, thanking HASHEM that they agreed!! THANK YOU HASHEM!

Promised, Passed

I promised I will thank Hashem publicly if I pass inspection, and I passed! B”H! Thank you Hashem!

Unexpected Payroll

I had some bills to cover with a negative in the bank.. was not sure How it would be covered.. But then with Thanks To Hashem my work place decided because of the new years to do payroll on Friday (instead of Monday) and I had money in the bank 3 days before I...


My friend promised to publicise if she gets a rise in her wages after waiting almost a yr it bh went up slightly thank you hashem

Better Offer

Thank You Hashem after working many years at a big company I got an offer from another company with a better offer. I want to Thank Hashem for the job that I had until now and will continue Thanking Hashem for the smooth transition. Hashem knows what's best for us and...

Surprise Closing

Wow I'm shocked from what i just had, i woke up sunday morning to a fact that i need to have $6000 to cover a few things this week & i had no clue from where i can get it i have deals on the table but nothing is scheduled to close this week so i did like always i...


I lost an important device almost 4 weeks ago. I was hoping to find it fast. There was no warranty registered on it. I called the supplier, and they said they can work on a replacement, only if I don't find it. 2 weeks of trying to get back to the supplier, and they...

Sales Up

Sales were very slow one particular day last week. I said, “Thank you Hashem, for all days that sales are good”. Literally 3 minutes later, I got a phone call from a customer that didn't order by me for over a year, and he gave me a beautifully order B”H!!!!! Thank...


My card refused to come out of the ATM because it malfunctioned. I said that if it comes out, then I will thank Hashem publicly, and sure enough it did!! Thank you Hashem for this, and for everything that you do for me every day!!!

Contract Signed

I was waiting for a contract to get signed for 2 weeks, and kept on saying thank you Hashem for all the times that I had contracts signed easy, and they work out. I B”H received it now!! Thank you Hashem!!

Ticket Sold

I’ve been trying to reach my goal for a while now, by selling tickets. I thanked Hashem for all the times people answered my calls and bought a ticket. The next call, someone picked up and bought a ticket! Thank you Hashem!

Insurance Renewed

We were going to change Medical Insurance Plans (January 1st) due to income, and we wouldn't be eligible for dental insurance. My wife needed some dental work done, and the dentist didn't have any appointments available to finish up what she needed before Jan. 1st....

CC Machine

I was at a store and I had an issue with my credit card (their machine was not letting the card go through) and I thanked Hashem for all the other times it worked. It still didn't go through but I remembered I had another card on me 🙂 ty Hashem

Continue Thanking

Someone was making payments for a deal for a while.. then stopped. Last week I said : thank you hashem for all the payments he has done (maybe I didn't thank so it stopped ) just few days after saying thank you, without even asking he made a NICE payment!!! Thank you...

Government Shutdown

Money I was counting on got delayed due to the government shut down I didn’t know how I will cover but I told myself I’m going to be happy and smile and thank hashem for the past and for the future and for the current situation and guess what unexpectedly miraculously...


First I would like to thank the admin of this group, for helping us all appreciate all the little things Hashem does for us. I am constantly thanking Hashem for as much as I could. Now for my story: I have been working with a lawyer on an agreement, and things were...

Bigger Order

Customer called 30 min before closing for a big order which meant asking the workers to come in earlier and paying extra. About 1 hour later the customer called to cancel........ Usually I'd be disappointed but instead I said TYH. All is good, no questions and I...

Launched Orchestra

Thank you hashem! We lounged a new musical orchestra today @ out first job, we thanked hashem in advance for the success that's going to be and said w'll thank in public after the job, so now we are thanking hashem in public for the success that was way above our...

Approval Letter

Thank You Hashem from the bottom of my heart, to get an approval letter from the bank today. I promised to thank Hashem publicly, “Thank you Hashem” we should all have השפעות טובות!!

L’shem Matzos Mitzvah

Wow! Thank you Hashem, an open miracle! Unbelievable! I had a side job in a matzo bakery last year, for a task that not everybody can do, and it didn’t really work out very well. I destroyed a lot of matzos, it wasn’t very pretty. This year, the owner of the bakery...

Kind Boss

My boss of 12 + years, was being very critical about something. I decided to thank Hashem for the opportunity to learn from the criticism. The next day, she began doing all these kindnesses, that have been going on for a number of days! Thank you Hashem!

Job Quote

I’m really tight in money now, and need it urgently. I said, “Thank You Hashem for always helping me until now, and for sure you will help me again”. I had someone ask me for a quote on a nice job about 10-12 weeks ago, but didn’t hear anything back from him. I tried...


Today I lost an elevator key on a job site. I was sure it was stolen from me. I looked everywhere, but I could not find it. From the elevator room on the roof seven floors up, to the basement, and in all possible locations, including my car, clothing, and bags. I...

Difficult Client

Last week, I had difficult client and a difficult underwriter, and I promised to Thank Hashem publicly once all the conditions on the loan were cleared. Thank You Hashem for helping me with this!! Hashem takes such good care of us!

Surprise Inspection

We had a building inspection today that wasn’t really ready for inspection yet. I said yesterday, if we pass the inspection, I’ll thank Hashem in public. I got a phone call today to run over to the job site, because the inspector is there. I got there, and met the...

Tough Customer

I had a very tough call with a customer. I promised to thank Hashem publicly if it goes well. B”H it went well! Thank you Hashem for the business they gave me, and what they are going to give me in the future!

Big Sale

I had a very big sale yesterday. I was really nervous about going. On the way, I thanked Hashem for having a great business. I also promised, if the sale will go well, I will publicly thank Him! The sale was a hit! B”H! Thank you Hashem for always having my back, even...

Valuable Box

[10:51am] I lost a box with lots of valuables. It’s worth lots of money, and I really need it for business. I tried everything in my power to find it! I turn to Hashem and say, I will publicly thank You when I find it”. [3:51pm] B”H I found the box!!!!! Thank you...

Nice Tenant

I had a hard time letting (renting) out a very nice flat (apartment). I promised to thank HaShem publicly, when finding a tenant. Boruch HaShem this Motsie Shabbos, I found a tenant, somebody I know already for years!! Thank you so much HaShem!

Penalty Removed

I got a huge tax penalty, to which they have drawn the funds out of my bank account. I tried to speak to someone there, but to no avail, they would not remove the penalty. I promised to thank HaShem in public if He’d help me remove the penalty. I just got off the...

Exact Bonus

This morning, my husband was driving me to work, and he told me to ask my boss to pay me before she usually pays me, because we have to pay bills!! (We live on a month to month pay check.) I was so embarrassed to ask. My husband has been off because of the non-Jewish...

Balance Paid

There is a customer of ours, that owes us money for a few months already, and hasn't been answering phone calls or emails regarding payment that are over terms. I called him again today, and while the phone was ringing, I promised that if he picks up the phone and...

Clear to Close

I was working on a mortgage for a client, and kept getting denied from multiple banks. I promised to thank Hashem publicly if I get it to work, and today I got it clear to close from a different bank!! Thank you Hashem, you are amazing!!!!!

Deal Accepted

I had a friend that was going into a big real estate deal with a developer. I had asked him if he can get me into the deal as well. First, he said that he doesn't feel comfortable talking for me. So I said, “I will thank Hashem in public if somehow I get into the...

Hard Project

This past week, I have been working on a very hard project, spending many hours on it, and not knowing if it was going to be successful at all. Halfway through, I got a bit worried, and started davening to the Rebono Shel Oilam. I promised that if this project ends up...

Credit Card

I had an issue with my credit card processing in the business. They were holding up a lot of money for nonsense. As much as I tried to give them supportive documents, nothing was getting it released. I promised, if Hashem will help as he always does, I will publicly...


I was having an issue with the USPS, and got some packages lost. It meant for me a big loss of money. I was struggling with this issue for 2 weeks. I said, “I will thank Hashem in public if the issue should get resolved”. Today, they found all the packages!! Thank you...

Borrowed Keyboard

I needed a keyboard. My friend told me he can lend me his. I went to pick it up, and when we got there he remembered that he lent it to someone else. He said he will try to contact him. I said, “THANK YOU HASHEM and will thank in public if we get one”. We got an ok to...

Wig Sold

I needed to sell a new wig which didn't fit me well. I placed an ad in the local weekly circular, and a few responded. One lady, decided to meet me to see it. I kept saying, “Thank You Hashem for helping me sell other items in the past. Please help me sell this, and I...

Good Books

I had to go through the books with my boss today. I kept on thanking Hashem that everything should be good, and it worked out B”H! Thank you Hashem, thank you Hashem, for the good that he does!

Other Funds

Thank you Hashem for always taking care of me. I'm tight with money, and slowly I'm getting jobs for photography. My son lent his car to a friend, and someone crashed into it. Since my name is on the insurance policy, I got a check from my insurance company!! So thank...


Thank you Hashem for our nice gig. I promised to post in public if I get a gig on Sunday. A few hours later, I got the gig!! Now I am thanking Hashem for the nice gig. Thank You Hashem for giving me the opportunity to play, and thanking Hashem in public.

Money Bag

Thank you Hashem!  My wife held a check of $5000 to be picked up by a man.  However, when the person arrived to pick it up, the check was nowhere to be found. My wife went through her pocketbook a few times, but to no avail. She started panicking! I said to Hashem,...

Hashem’s Partner

Thank you Hashem! I’m a seasonal amazon seller, and this time of the year is my busiest. However, this year on December 15, when it should be my busiest day and week of the season, I was down 48% in sales than the year before, and I prepared more product then the year...

Registered Document

I invested money in the beginning of 2018, but still never got my documentation proof of investment. The financier even told me very recently that,” I will never give it to you”. This past Friday, I spoke to my friend if he can help me out with my situation. He told...

Found Check

I lost a check, (or so I thought), and couldn’t find it. It was a big deal to get this check, and can’t really go back and say, “I lost it and need a new one”. So I said, “Thank you Hashem that I got it in the first place, and I will thank You in public when I find...

Item Found

Thank you Hashem for always being there for me whenever I need you. You are NEVER busy, and we NEVER need to make an appointment or wait in line. Thank you for all I have in my life. Thank you for a perfect life. Today I had a few sales B”H, and I couldn’t find one of...

Complicated Project

I had a complicated project that had to be fulfilled in a very short time, with all the so called “bumps” on the road, it was all done for my project to be completed. At its best!!  I can’t thank Hashem enough, for walking me through this. So perfectly...

Printer Fixed

This is incredible. My printer wasn’t working and I was desperate to print some return labels before I lose my money. I tried everything, but it just wouldn’t print. Then I remembered, and said, “Thank you Hashem for all the times the printer worked”. Within five...

שלי שלך, ושלך שלי

I had a big amount of money someone got for me, but he used all the money for himself. I kept asking him for the money which I really needed, and he didn't answer. One day, he told me it’s that simple, אין לי. So, I decided to thank Hashem for all the times I got...


I was looking for a very important document and couldn’t find. I said thank you Hashem that I found what I needed in the past, and found the document!

Bank Refund

My account was overdrawn (someone deposited a head check). But because it's the 3rd time in 1 year, the bank would never refund the $34 fee. I thanked Hashem for getting it refunded till now, and the bank did refund it again!! Thank You Hashem!!

Arrived and Passed

I was waiting for an inspection that was supposed to be first thing in the morning. They didn't show up, and it was getting late so I said, “Thank you Hashem, and will post in public if they arrive”. Literally 5 minutes later they arrived and passed the inspection!!...

Sufficient Funds

  There was a payment scheduled to be withdrawn from my account, and the money that was supposed to cover it did not come in. I promised I will Thank Hashem publicly if there will not be a “Not Sufficient Funds”. B”H everything went through fine!! THANK YOU...


My boss told me she’s cutting my hours, because she is not busy in the winter. Then she told me maybe I should find a new job. Although I was really upset that I would be losing an income and having nothing to do all day, I said, “Thank you Hashem for the job till...

Phone Deal

I needed to get a new phone, and wasn’t ready to spend so much. I Thanked Hashem for all the phones I had, and was hoping to get good deal. At first it didn’t look like she will compromise. In the end, she was willing to give me a better deal B"H!! Thank You Hashem...

New Client

I went into a meeting with a big potential client, and promised to post Hashem’s great name in public if it goes well. B"H went amazing! Thank you Hashem!

2 Jobs

  I promised to publicize Hashem’s great name, if 2 of my children who were unemployed find a job.  They both found jobs today!! Thank you Hashem!!

Business Test

Last few weeks my business made a turn for the worst. I was in a bad place. I almost felt like giving up, when I came across this group, and decided to test to see if this really works. I promised if things get better, I will thank HaShem in public. Boy did things...

Check Accepted

The Koach of thanking Hashem is undeniable.... I tried to mobile deposit a check twice before Shabbos, but it was written unclearly and the system said the check doesn’t match my entry. I tried again tonight a few times, and the same response, “Check doesn’t match”. I...

Car Paid

I hadn't paid my car bill in a couple of months, because business was slow. I posted thanking Hashem, and a few minutes later I started getting calls with order! B”H I was able to pay some of the car bill. Thank you Hashem!!

Trust Hashem

Yesterday, I had the hardest day in my business life as a contractor. It was about to cause me a large loss, and put me in to a very hard spot that would potentially cost me a lot of money. This situation went on all day, from the morning to the late evening. Then I...

Found Email

I was looking for an important email that I needed to forward, and as many times as I looked for it, it wasn't coming up. I said, “Thank you Hashem”. If it's meant to be forwarded, I will find it, or I will call the person who sent it, to please send it again. I...

Construction Loan

I got a few people to lend me money for a construction project, while continuously saying, “Thank You Hashem”. The amount, was exactly enough for what I needed to give my contractor for the weeks expenses! Thank You Hashem!

Approved Loan

I promised yesterday, that if a loan is approved, I will sponsor $100 to this amazing group. I am here to say publicly, THANK YOU HASHEM that the loan was approved!!

Pick Up Check

I have a customer that keep postponing payment for a couple of weeks. I needed the money this week for payroll. Payroll had to be ready within the hour, and still had no clue what I'm going to do, as he was ignoring my call. I said, “Thank You Hashem for always taking...

Hashem’s Lease Plan

I mentioned before Dec 1st that I will thank Hashem when I find my last tenant for Dec 1 to move in. Dec 1st arrived, and it wasn't rented, so I kept thanking Hashem for all tenants I have in the building. Just this week I found a tenant for Dec 15 to move in, and...

Amazon Reinstated

My Amazon account was closed for the past 3 months. I tried everything that's possible and didn't have any luck. I promised to thank Hashem in public when it will get reinstated. B”H 24-48 hours later, it was reinstated! THE POWER OF THANKING HASHEM!!

Inspection Passed

I just had a Certificate of Occupancy inspection on an 8-family building. The inspector walked in with a big attitude, looking through every detail for issues. He says, “I can't pass you like this”. I kept thanking Hashem. I promised to donate money for this Thank You...

Great New Job

I started a new job yesterday, and promised to thank Hashem publicly if it went well. Thank you Hashem, it was great!

Permit Acquired

I promised to thank Hashem publicly if I received a permit for a job. I applied for the permit and B”H I got the permit fast. Thank you Hashem!!!


A few weeks ago, I finally had my orientation at my new part time job, even though I had already been working there for over a month. I was finally given time sheets so I could start billing. They told me, since it was two days before payday, I wouldn’t be able to...

Blind Inspector

I had a surprise inspection in my building today. It could have gone good or bad. I said, “Thank you Hashem”. B”H they didn’t see what they were not supposed to.

New Job

I want to thank Hashem in public for getting me a new job today. I lost my old job on November 15, the day of snow storm. I said to Hashem, if he will find me a new job, I will thank Hashem in public. Less than a month later, I found a new job!!


I was waiting on hold with the IRS on the phone today. I needed good news from them. I promised to thank Hashem publicly if I received the good news. The call went well! Thank You Hashem!!

Covered Insurance

I just got a call from the person that takes care of health insurance in my company saying there was a mistake in the billing and that I need to back-pay around $800.00. I sent a message to my wife and said, “Thank you Hashem even when it looks like it’s not good”. 20...

IT Disaster

Yesterday, we had our programmer upload a new software patch to our system. Somehow the power to the processor was shut off while it was uploading, which caused the processor to crash. After trying to reboot the system twice and it crashed, I told the guy, “Let me say...

Inspector Gone

A building department inspector walked into my job site and started looking around. Most times when they come, they issue violations or a stop-work order. My site was not 100% totally safe as required by them. I started thanking Hashem that he didn’t come until now. I...

Negative Feedback

I received a negative feedback from a buyer 2 weeks ago. I tried to reason with the buyer to take it down, but he refused. I called ebay last night to try to take it down. The possibility of them taking it down was very slim, because the complaint was real. Usually,...

Side Job

Thank you Hashem, I didn't earn enough money to cover all my expenses. B”H I found a side job and will I”yh be able to cover my expenses.

Job to Job

I was working at a big company and had a regular position over there. I did accounts receivable. I was working over there for 3 years and didn't make enough money to cover my daily expenses. I wanted to leave from that company but didn't wanted to start at another...

Business Lead

Thank You Hashem!! I had posted a few weeks ago that I was chasing after a business lead and the person really wanted to ignore me. I knew I could do a deal with him and I kept thanking Hashem as I stalked him. After awhile of ignoring me, he met with us and have the...

Business Deals

Thank You Hashem! In the past week, I have had deals coming together and and a falling apart. I keep thanking Hashem whether they seem to be moving forward or backwards and 2 out of 3 seem to be moving more steadily ahead now. Thank You Hashem! Last year at this time,...