Thankful Submissions

Chanukah has always been about expressing gratitude to the one above. Everything from the Chanukah lecht to the Hallel is a proclamation of the miracles Hashem did for us and continues doing every day. Let us all take this opportunity to increase our gratitude by focusing on the things we can be grateful for.

We are introducing a new contest for the eight days of Chanukah. Find eight things to be grateful for every night while you sit by your Menorah and contemplate Hashem’s greatness. Eight things to be thankful for - Eight days of Thanks. Of course, you are not limited to eight things, Hashem’s loving kindness surrounds us every moment of every day. Just take a minute to reflect and find the things you can be grateful for.

Contest Rules.
1. Please fill out your name, email address, and your first thankful message and click submit.
2. Please enter and submit seven more messages of thanks, bringing your total to eight.
3. After submitting all eight messages you will be entered in the raffle.
4. Enter as many submissions a day as you want. Each submission of eight is another entry in the raffle.
The winning prize will be for the entire family. Enter the contest for a chance to receive $1,800 for the parents and a $500 gift certificate for the kids!
Chanukah is the perfect occasion to intensify our relationship with Hashem through thanking.

What 8 things are you thankful for?

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