Thankful Thoughts



Traffic Migraine

I was driving home on the Belt Parkway this afternoon at a time that there should not be heavy traffic. I started getting a migraine and needed my medicine which was at home. I thought I would make it home quickly as it was early. Suddenly I see the traffic just...

Arm Up

I was on my way back to a job site today and promised one of the workers that I’ll meet him there at 5:30... I live in an area with a train and as I approached the crossing I saw workers repairing the arms that go down and there was crazy traffic accumulating. I told...

House Parking

Last night I was circling the block and couldn’t find a spot, and then,( I just had a thought of thanks for all the times that I did find without a problem came in to my mind,)right after I got a parking spot, not far from my house, that’s just a sign, that as long as...

Construction Parking

There was construction on my block which is taking up many parking spots when as is parking is really difficult in my area. I thanked Hashem for all the times I was able to find a spot and said I will publicly thank Hashem again when I find a spot now. Within one...

No Damage

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Hashem in public for all the good he is doing with me and my family. And for what Hashem saved me last week morning in the big rain I was involved in a accident a car switch lanes I had to turn away and that car hit me...

Friend Parking

Needed parking in area that almost never has parking and Freund was driving . Told him to thank hashem for all the times he found parking and told him it always works. We arrived and got the front spot! Thank you hashem!

Speeding Warning

Just got pulled over for speeding and i kept on saying thank you hashem he checked my license and he gave me only a warning

Specific Spot

I needed to get to a store and load my car carefully and leave the stuff there with an open trunk I really needed 1 specific spot where I should be able to see my car the whole time, I was circling the block a few times there weren't any spots even close to it I...

Road Test

I was so nervous to take my road test. I thanked hashem for helping me pass my permit test and promised to post publicly when I pass my road test so Thank you Hashem!!!

20 Miles

Was driving on the highway and had zero gas left in my tank with about 20 miles more to go, so I promised to thank hashem publicly when I get to gas station THANK YOU HASHEM I made it. THANK YOU HASHEM you've proven it again and again.

Bluetooth Working

The Bluetooth in my car wasn't working. I thanked Hashem for all the times it did work. I said I'd thank Him publicly when it did. B'h it started working and I didn't need to be unsafe while driving

Not Pop

I was driving trying to get around someone and I hit the sidewalk and the sound I heard didnt sound good I checked up on it and initially looked good and fine dandy despite the noise that it made and I said I will Thank Hashem publicly if it will stay good and not pop...

Highway Patrol

Thank you hashem that I was pulled over by a NYPD highway patrol on the FDR in a commercial vehicle and he let me go because I said thank you hashem!! Hashem is always good to us, even when it seems to be bad!! Say thank you hashem & see miracles!!💙

Wedding Spot

Last night I drove to Brooklyn from Monsey for a wedding. It took me 59 minutes and I then spent 20 minutes looking for a parking spot. On my last time around I said thank you Hashem for all the times I got a spot, I would love to be misameach the chosson and will...

Twins Thank

Thank you Hashem.. it was close to Shabbos and had to return a rent a car and couldn’t find the keys .. searching starting to get a bit worried.. my ten year old twins K”nh .. said thank you Hashem for helping us find the keys .., and BH a minute latter we found the...

Parking BP

Just had a story where i was looking for parking in bp for 20 minutes , circle after circle and didn't find anything, when i remembered of this group and thought that i will post if I find a spot, just that second someone pulled out in front of me. Amazing is not the...

Car Start

We were not able to start our car. I said that I will thank Hashem publicly if it starts. Right afterwards a nice man came by and helped us.

Windy Trip

I had to drive a distance today and it was very windy and my car was being blow by the wind and I said I'll publicly thank Hashem if I make it round trip safely and I did.

Shopping Spot

I went shopping there no spot close to the store. I said thank you hashem a car just pulled out. Thank you hashem

Stuck in Mud

We had a family shabaton in upstate. I parked my car on the gras next to the house and this morning when we were about to leave my car was stuck in the mud and could not get out. My family was pushing the car, tried putting wood next to the wheels for 15 min and the...

Mizmor L’sodah

I was looking for a parking spot but everything is full we said 'Mizmoir Lesoido' and we got a spot right away close to the house , thank you hashem

Office Spot

Please post I was running late for work and I needed to find a parking spot in a very busy block I said thank you Hashem for always helping me find a spot and right at the front door of the office a car pulled out. Thank you Hashem

Doctor Parking

I had an appointment at Dr 12:30 I thanked hashem for all the times I found parking easily & I didn't even look for 5 seconds for parking & there was a huge spot right Near the Dr's office . Thank you Hashem so much !!!

Quick Route

Thank You Hashem Today I had to leave from Monsey to BP & I drive a bus & didn't want to finish late my route so I can get to BP on time & that I shouldn't have traffic on the way & said I'll publicize it if it works out & Bh my route went quick & didn't have to much...

45 Minute Parking

We were looking for 45 mins a parking place. It seemed impossible to find one...I promised if we found one I would post it on the Thank you Hashem group. A second later we found a parking. THANK YOU HASHEM!!

Police Followed

I was just driving to my office and last second by a light I decided to move to a different lane what a police could have stop me for, when I look back in my mirror I realised I had a police behind me, I thanked Hashem for all the times I wasn’t stopped and said I...

Pump Ticket

[12:18pm] Thank you hashem for saving is from getting ticket we parked by a pump i will publicize if dont get a ticket tyh!! [12:53pm] Thank you hashem we didnt get a ticket

Car Lease

I finished my lease a few weeks ago, and was supposed to pay over $1000 in excess wear and tear. I got a bill a week ago of just a few hundred dollars disposition fee and 0 for the wear and tear. I told myself if somehow I'm not being charged for the wear and tear I...

Speed Limit

Thank you Hashem! I was driving over speed limit and saw a cop I said if I don't get pulled over I'll publically thank Hashem. BH he didn't pull me over thank you Hashem for always keeping me safe

Oil Change

Thank you hashem I was at the mechanic to make an oil change and I had to be somewhere 15 min from when I got to the Mechanic I said I will thank hashem in public if I make it out of there on time Thank you hashem

Parking Appointment

הודו לה״ כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו: I was going for an appointment looking for parking. I asked HASHEM, please let me get parking and I will thank on the Chet. Sure enough just in front of me somebody was just moving out. THANK YOU HASHEM, I am forever...

Legal Spot

The area where our appt was, is a very populated area and its impossible to find a legal parking spot. We were ready to drive around for 20 mins to find at least a semi legal spot. We thanked Hashem for constantly giving us the good in our lives and as we were nearing...

Checking Email

I was driving to work, and while waiting for traffic to ease, I was checking an email. All of a sudden, I saw a police car behind me and be pulls up next to me. At that moment, I promised that if I wouldn't get pulled over, I would post it on the group, Thanking...

Shul Parking

Thank You Hashem for sending me the best parking spot, as I came to shul looking for parking, which I waited about 30 minutes and I started to thank Hashem for all the times he gave me parking, and that I will thank Hashem publicly, as I said it not even 10 seconds...

Spot in Rain

I was in a car with friends and we were looking for parking in the rain, they said thank you hashem so much for helping us find spots in the past and we found a spot on the block!!

Truck Inspected

I promised to thank hashem in public if I find someone today to pass me inspection on one of my trucks today, THANK YOU HASHEM

Zero Gas

My gas tank was almost at zero and I didn't realize until I was in the middle of carpool right after work. I thanked hashem for taking us so far and promised to thank him publicly when I get to the gas station. I got there just in time. THANK YOU HASHEM

Speeding Shaking

This morning on the way to work I was speeding. I saw a cop hiding and immediately decreased my speed. All of a sudden as I’m passing the cop he turns his lights on. I literally started shaking & kept saying Thank You Hashem for all of the times I didn’t get a ticket....

Busy Parking

Thank you hashem I was looking for parking today in a busy area for a while, I promised to thank hashem in public and within a few seconds someone pulled out. Thank you hashem!

Paid Ticket

I received a parking ticket a while ago. I gave in a claim against it, but I was unsuccessful, so they gave me another 28 days to pay it before the price goes up triple. Last night, was the last day of the 28 days. Unfortunately, I forgot, and I only remembered this...

House Parking

I just came home and couldn't find parking. I said, “Thank you Hashem for always finding parking right away and please help me to find parking now”. I went once around the block, and right in front of my house, someone pulled out of a spot!! THANK YOU HASHEM!!

Tank Empty

I was on way back from New York to Montreal and as usual i check my gas if i have enough to hit the road until a normal gas station. I had in my tank enough gas for 30 miles and the gas station i like to use was 25 miles. I arrived to gas station and i was shocked to...

Lanes Opened

Hi, first of all, Thank you, for all your hard work in helping people remember that everything is from hashem and we have to thank him. I went to monsey for shabbos, and as I was on the way up to the GWB all lanes stopped, and I saw police lights in front of me, I...

Fog Cleared

I was driving in this heavy rain and my windshield was really foggy and nothing was working so I said that if it clears up I will thank hashem publicly so thank you hashem.

Good Spot

I was looking for a parking spot in an area where it is very hard to find. After circling for 20 minutes, I said, “If I find a spot soon, I will thank Hashem publicly”. Just a second later, I see someone leaving a good spot!! Thank You Hashem!

Pulled Over

I was pulled over by a cop today, for talking on my cell phone. I promised I will publicize it if all went well.  2 minutes later he let me go free!! Thank you Hashem for everything!!

Manhattan Parking

I was in Manhattan today. And of course, there is no parking. My kids told me, just say thank you Hashem and promise to publicize it. 2 seconds later, we found a great spot!! Thank You Hashem!!

New Car

We needed a new car, and there were a few issues holding it up. I told myself, I’d thank Hashem in public when we got it. B”H we got our car!! Thank you Hashem!!!

Mall Parking

I went to the mall. There was no parking close to the store. I started thanking Hashem. A car pulled out of the first spot! I didn't have much to walk! Thank you Hashem!

Double Parked

My husband moved the car for alternate side parking. I didn’t realize, and totally forgot that it might even be double parked. I remembered a half hour late. I ran out to move it, and was davening that I didn’t get a ticket. (Double parking tickets are $115.) I...

Holiday Parking

I went to the mall Sunday before the Holiday, when it’s the busiest shopping day of the year. We weren’t sure if we would find a parking. We said “Thank you Hashem”, and right in front of us there was a parking spot waiting! Thank you Hashem! You do miracles!

Driving 60

Thank you Hashem for helping us arrive safely to our destination for Shabbos.   We were in terrible traffic for hours, and at 3:30pm I really started getting scared. I thanked Hashem for always helping us arrive safely before Shabbos. And within 2 minutes, the traffic...

Jump Start

I was on the way to Daven this morning, when I was making a turn with my car, my battery went. I Thanked Hashem for all the times I didn’t have this problem, and just that moment, another Yid went past and gave me a jump start! I managed to go further without delay....


After waiting at the DMV for over an hour, the woman said I cannot use my debit card with my husband’s name on it. I had nothing else on me. I quickly started saying, “Thank you Hashem that I have money on the debit card”. I asked Hashem to please let them take it so...

Corner Parking

I needed to go to downtown Brooklyn, and promised if I'll find close and quick parking, I'll thank Hashem in public. B”H I found parking at the corner! Thank you Hashem!!

Brooklyn Parking

We were in Brooklyn, and kept thanking Hashem whenever we were looking for parking. Each time we found a spot right near the location!! Thank you Hashem!!

Car Rental

I needed to return a rental car today, and to open a new contract on the same vehicle, because of the credit card insurance that covers only 15 executive days. When they usually take the pictures with a phone for the new contract, they take a quick look around if all...

Boro Park Parking

I was heading to Boro Park for a wedding, and as you know, the parking there is not easy. As soon as I arrived to the corner of the hall, we said “Thank you Hashem”, and guess what, we found an empty parking on 50th Street and 13th Avenue, the block of our hall!! You...

2-Minute Spot

I couldn't find a parking spot. Then remembered to promise that I will thank Hashem publicly if I find 1 in the next 5 minutes. B”H within 2 minutes someone pulled out!! THANK YOU HASHEM!

Great Spot

I went to chasunah in Williamsburg, and couldn't find a parking. After circling for a while, I reminded myself to thank Hashem for always finding parking with no problem, and promised to thank publicly if I find a spot. A few minutes later, I found a great spot, just...

Fit Parking

I just came home, and couldn't find parking. Right in front of my house was a spot, but it looked too small, that I didn't even try to park there. I circled around the block a couple of times, until I said, “Thank you Hashem for all the times that I do find parking...

Fight Ticket

[9:48am] I am fighting a ticket today, and hoping for a good outcome. I will Thank HaShem publicly with whatever will be. [10:43am] Thank you HaShem for a lowered ticket fee, and no points on my license!!

Perfect Condition

I just returned my car lease with damage to both bumpers, doors, hood, and trunk. The car was sent back with a “Thank You Hashem” sticker on it. I thanked Hashem for my new car, and for all that he gives me, and asked that the returned car shouldn’t cost me too much...

Wedding Parking

I arrived to a wedding hall tonight, and there was zero parking. No valet parking either.  I knew this is going to be a 15-minute story, but I’m already late. I said, “I will thank Hashem, please can I have a   parking spot”! Guess what! I turned the corner, and...

Toddler Locked

Yesterday, I put my kids in the car, and my toddler was playing around with the door, and somehow locked it. My keys and my phone were inside with her! I initially tried to point and talk her into opening the door, but was getting nowhere. I said, “Hashem, please help...

Dangerously Stuck

My husband and myself we’re stuck in our car, in a not-so-safe neighborhood before. The car stopped, and didn’t want to start. My husband tried about 5 attempts to start, but it failed. Then it occurred to me, that we need to thank Hashem for all times that the motor...

Shabbos Spot

I was looking for a parking spot Erev Shabbos on a very busy street in Flatbush. I thanked Hashem for always providing me with a parking spot, and to please have a parking spot for me! I went around one time and there was no spot. I went around the block another time...

Free Parking

Hashem wants to show us that He’s watching out for us, even though we forget to thank Him. He just wants to remind us to thank Him. We were on a very busy road in Manhattan where there was no parking to be found. We were about to go into a parking garage which is very...

FDR Traffic

I was on the way to Mount Sinai Hospital, when there was an accident on the FDR which caused heavy traffic. The GPS moved up my E.T.A. to 40 minutes later, and I had to be there quickly. I thanked Hashem for taking me this way and said that I will publicly thank him...

Obvious Spot

I’m on 84th St. and Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn. It is very hard to find a parking spot. I went around the block a few times, until I stopped and said I will say thank you Hashem in public if I find a spot, which obviously I found 30 seconds later! Thank you Hashem!

Alternate Parking

My husband was parked, and had to move the car for alternate. He woke up late, and was sure we got a ticket. I said, “Hashem thank you for all the times we didn't get a ticket. Please help we should not get one today”. B"H he went to move the car and there was no...

GPS Error

I was running late to a meeting. The GPS said I will be 20 minutes late, and traffic was bad. I thanked Hashem for all the time I was on time, and promised to post in public if I was not late. B”H I got there on time! Thank you Hashem always!

A Great Night

I am a Saxophone player. I needed to do some maintenance on my saxophone, and didn’t have the money for it at the time. I promised to thank Hashem in public if it got resolved. Then I found someone to lend end me the money! On the way to the job in Boro Park, the...

3 Second Parking

We were looking for parking last night, for at least 15 minutes. We said, “If we find parking, we will thank Hashem in public”. Yup, 3 seconds later, and a beautiful spot awaits us to park in! Thank you Hashem!

House Spot

After circling the block for 25 minutes to find parking, and seeing cops with rain coats all over, ticketing my illegally parked neighbors, I reminded myself, I hadn’t Thanked Hashem yet. I promised to post in public if I find a spot. I arrived in front of my house...

No Points

I got a speeding ticket two years ago. If I was found guilty, it would be six points on my license. I hired a lawyer, and he kept on pushing off the court date. Yesterday, the lawyer told me that usually in that court, it’s very hard to get 0 points, but he can try to...

Parking Lot Spot

I had PTA tonight, and there was not much parking in the school parking lot. I figured I'd probably have to park a block away, but it was really cold and I didn't want to walk. I thanked Hashem for every time I found a good parking spot. Then I went into the parking...

Spot Ahead

I had to run to a business meeting in the crowded Brooklyn area. There was nowhere to find a parking spot. I said, “Thank you Hashem for always providing me with a good parking spot till now, and I will share your greatness as I find a spot now too”. Sure enough, 10...

Double Miracle

I had to reschedule a court date in person today. I knew parking in Manhattan is almost next to impossible. I promised to thank Hashem publicly if he makes the impossible happen. Not even 3 minutes later, and one block away, there was a beautiful parking spot waiting...

Reverse Crash

I was driving down a quiet country lane today. There was a large white van in front of my car. He slowed right down and without seeing me he reversed right into my car. My license plate fell off, but there was no other damage to the car. The driver was so apologetic....

Parking Joke

Sometimes I think it’s a joke when I see people saying “Thank you Hahsem” for a parking spot. I just drove two hours to Brooklyn for a Chanukah party with all my kids. I circled around the block two times and not one spot. I’m only going to see my family for just a...

Perfect Parking

I keep reading stories about people thanking Hashem for parking spots. Being that I live in Monsey NY, where parking is abundant, I never thought about it as a reason to thank Hashem, and thought its petty. However, yesterday I was in Brooklyn and we were looking for...

3 Perfect Spots

Last night I was looking for parking in Brooklyn 3 separate times. Every time I said “Thank you Hashem for helping me always and now please help me find a parking spot”. It helped! Every single time I B”H found a nice parking spot. Thank you Hashem.

Crash Avoidance

I was driving to work this morning, when all of a sudden, the car in front of me made a short-stop due to traffic in the left lane. I started to slam on the brakes, but out of fear I thought I wouldn’t be able to stop in time and Chas V’Shalom hit the car in front of...

Pizza Parking

We came to the city for pizza. There was no parking at all and raining. We had little kids and would be a problem to walk in the rain. I said "Thank you Hashem for all the times we found parking", and right on the corner someone pulled out . The best part was, all the...

Overnight Parking

I came home yesterday night from a simcha from Monsey and arrived like 1:30 at night , and this it might be an issue with parking and yes it was, the only spot i had was a little close to a pump and i wasn't sure if it's far enough but i had no other option. So i...

Front Home Parking

Looking every night for parking near my house tonight I came out of mariv said thank you hasham for helping me always finding parking help now I should find in front of my house guess what I found a parking spot by the door of my house TYH