Even though I went late for a esrig I found a nice one for a good price

October 6th, 2020


Thank You Hashem.

I went to buy Arba Minim and although I left it a little bit late and I wasn’t expecting to find anything nice in the cheaper ones – nevertheless I did my hishtadlus and started looking at the cheaper options and working my way up.
Unbelievably I found a beautiful one in the cheapest section.
I spoke to the moicher and he told me it had been downgraded from the category above – but the reason it was there was because someone else had taken a bunch to the Rov – and although this one was Kosher but it wasn’t the best one that he chose. Thank You Hashem for showing me how You run the world with perfectly timed precision so that I could find the perfect esrog for me.
#TYH ❤️

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