Found my glasses

August 11th, 2020

I went to the beach today with my daughter and friend. The waves were really choppy. All of a sudden my glasses where thrown off into the water. I was the driver! I needed those glasses!
I was with a friend and she said ” there is only Hashem!” עין עוד מלבדו! He sent the wave, do NOT give up look for them!
In my head I knew I had a choice- the ocean? Who finds their glasses here? Ten minutes went by thinking this is from Hashem. and a thought came to me, “You know Hashem, sometimes I really do lose my vision- I can be confused, anxious, whatever..but then I know you will always put the vision back on for me!
At that moment my friend said, ” someone found your glasses”!

Hashem we can always lean on you!

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