Got a great job offer

November 12th, 2020

My story is as follows, I teach english for the last 3 years and i love the job, which made it pretty difficult to find another job, with hours that’ll have room for 2 hours of English…

I looked for a job for almost a year now!
[I was offered to manage the school where i teach, but that offer was being pushed off]

Last week i saw a group which makes people aware of giving ma’aser, i thought to myself it’s been a really long time since i gave ma’aser!
I took upon myself that I’ll do the Atime shas a thon, and give my ma’aser to those struggling to have children.

*It wasn’t even a day that passed, and i get a call from the school saying that the previous Manager has left his position… TYH I have a great job, well paid, and a great environment! [And I’m still teaching]*
Tateh we love you!

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