Got a order

January 3rd, 2021

I stared to bake some cookies and cakes at home for business that I recently started.

I took almost all my saved money to invest for the supplies that’s needed.

I made a cheshben that I invested so much money and it’s been almost a whole week and no one ordered.

at night before going to sleep I usually try to make a list of everything that went well that day.

I started saying thank you hashem that u gave me the idea to invest with the supplies to be able to bake and make good things. And I’m thanking in advance that I’ll have some orders before shabbas.

I went out and found a friend that I didn’t see for a long time. I went over to her and showed her pics of what I recently started to bake. Literally  a hour later she calls me back that she wants to order two cakes and for after shabbas she wants another one. And a other person orders one for shabbas.

tyh tyh. All from the power of thanking hashem.

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