Grandchild fell of a trampoline

March 13th, 2021

Last week I put onto the Thank You Hashem group that my einikel had fallen off the trampoline and was in hospital with injuries. . I promised to put on group if he comes home for shabos and would donate when hes completely better. I received a voice note from the Thank You Hashem administrator that if I were to sponsor the tefilas Todah we will see big miracles! I immediately sent in my donation..
The doctors were prescribing blood thinning injections for a blood clot in a nerve in his head to be administered twice daily. The doctors said they would look at the scan again on Monday. It was a huge challenge for my daughter to give the injections as her son was petrified of the needle etc.
On Wednesday a week after the accident, my son-in-law spoke to the doctors after they studied the scan again and was told the clot is not in the nerve but outside and therefore there was no need to give the injections anymore! We are all shocked! . We are all amazed that the miracle we were promised happened! The power of Thanking Hashem ! ….הטוב כי לא כלו רחמיך

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