Had a mole on my back for years

October 27th, 2020

I had a mole on my back for years and saw recently that it had changed (quite scarily).
After sending pictures to a Dr who wanted me to go for further checks I was really scared and said the Tefila and promised H that iy”H if everything is ok with it I’ll publicly thank Him on this group to praise and glorify His name.

B”H I went today and the Dr is not concerned – I have to keep an eye on it for a few months and then il go back to see about it again but he said no cause for alarm b”H!

And in an extra gift of kindness, a private Dr had come and looked at it immediately and reassured me that although he’s not a dermatologist he’s not concerned – this was an extra gift as it just allowed me to relax a little until my real appointment. Thank You Hashem!!

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