Had money to shop

March 10th, 2021

Tyh I just see your holding my hands. it’s erev Yom Tov and I did not know how I’ll cope with the expenses.
Last year I did have some income and knew that I have money to shop.
This year I have a much less income. I kept on thanking hashem for all the nice stuff my kids had last year and I was able to buy nice things.
I’m still in shock….
I went to a store and I found one of my good friend she took the clothing I had in my hands and told me I’m paying this. I looked at her ok.
Bh Bh.
Today I went to do some returns and I found a other good friend she tells me to which store to go where I can find nice things and I should call her once I’m ready to pay. And she tells me leave there the stuff I’m paying for it.
The story is not done.
One if my neighbor I lately walk with called and asked me when I’m going back to the city I told her I’m actually going into a car now she told me wait I have something for u, I couldn’t believe she gave me a envelope with $100 cash pls get yourself a new robe.

Thank You hashem. I learned a lesson
Don’t worry.
Just keep on thanking hashem.

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